“The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep.”

The hurricane wasn’t, at least yet. Henri veered west. We got a bit of rain, and we have strong winds but nothing like what was predicted. I woke up early, and I saw sun and blue sky. I went back to sleep, and when I next woke, it was cloudy and windy. The humidity is stifling. We are still under a tropical storm warning though the sun has returned.

I’m staying close to hearth and home today. I have no reason to be out, no need to go anywhere, and I lack ambition. Getting dressed seems more like a chore. I don’t have a list for today. I figured I’d wing it. The only given is vacuuming the hall, den and kitchen, all part of the straight-away to the back door. Balls of dust and fur fly into the air when I walk to the kitchen even though I vacuumed twice yesterday. Today I found small lengths of a thick twig bitten off and left in the hall. Nala is a digger and a chewer. She loves bringing in small branches and gnawing them into pieces. Nala is a bad influence on Henry. I just took a bit of branch out of his mouth. He wasn’t happy. I might suggest he play with any of the toys strewn around the house or with Nala. She is always good for a bit of fun, a bit of chasing Henry up and down the hall.

A Sunday frame of mind was firmly etched in my psyche when I was a kid. The morning was mass. It was either riding early with my dad or walking to a later mass. Dinner was always a big affair, usually around 2. They’d be a roast of some sort, often a roast beef, mashed potatoes and two vegetables, peas and asparagus for my father, fresh from the can. I’d hang around the rest of the afternoon, maybe watch a movie on TV or read in my room. Sunday was a day of rest, biblically and, in my family, actually.

Nala is napping on the couch. Henry is upstairs sleeping on my bed. The cats are asleep in their room. I am the only one awake.

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4 Comments on ““The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    My family did the Sunday roast beef, mashed, and two veg dinner as well. Usually around 2PM. My brothers, SILs and niece and nephews would be there. The kids ate chicken fingers and french fries with lots of ketchup. The adults drank wine. The kids drank raspberry gingerale, AKA “Kid wine”, from my wine glasses so they wouldn’t feel left out. They still call it kid wine even though they are all adults and have their own wine glasses.
    Henri was not really here either. It is cloudy with moderate winds and bouts of rain. The air is heavy with moisture. I thought about doing the laundry but figured the laundry room door would be so swollen with moisture from all the rain that I’d have to break it down to open it. Well, that’s my story anyway.
    The dogs went to the groomer yesterday morning so I used their absence as an opportunity to scrape up dog hair from the floors and rugs. There have been no muddy paw prints but the hair is legion.
    Enjoy your day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      It was always just the six of us for dinner. MY sister had kids first but she’s always lived in Colorado. My brother would visit my parents with his family on holidays mostly. The roast beef remained the standard for Sunday dinner. It was my last dinner before leaving for the Peace Corps.

      We had very little rain. We do have wind now but not much. I’m not complaining, but I would have like just a bit of drama, harmless drama.

      It is still really humid and hot here. I wish the weather would settle on one thing or another.

      I haven’t vacuumed yet today. I didn’t feel like doing anything, b it I probably will later. I can on ly take so much dust.

      Enjoy your Monday!

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Glad to hear that the tropical storm was not as bad as predicted. Here the sun is shining without a cloud in the sky. The temperature is 96° with 44% humidity from the saturated ground.

    When I was a kid living here in North Texas in the 1950s it wasn’t as humid and the summer temperatures were brutal. We also suffered from a drought that was so bad that my mother had to boil the tap water before using it to cook. The city reservoirs were so low they had to add chemicals to the water that was coming from the Trinity River. In response the city dug water wells in several city parks and then people brought water jugs to fill up with water for cooking. In the last 65 years the Army Corps. of Engineers, built numerous lakes around the area which not only provide water and recreation but have increased the humidity. I don’t think there are more than one or two natural lakes in the entire state.

    Dogs not only learn from one another but also will work together for a common goal. Both Henry and Nala are doing a great job training you. 🙂 Too bad they haven’t enlisted the cats.

    Today I slept late again and we took a drive around the area. My spouse is still learning her way around these parts without using her GPS. We wound up having a late lunch in our favorite authentic Chinese Restaurant in Haltom City. It’s a suburb closest to Ft. Worth. The food is well worth the drive. In my aunt’s house in New York, Sunday dinner was either Chinese takeout or delicatessen takeout. My aunt refused to cook a meal on Sundays.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      We here on the cape are in a drought condition. The rest of the state, especially the western part, has had tons of rain and is getting more. It stayed only around 75˚ today but there was far too much humidity.

      The cape has many kettle ponds left over from the Ice Age. They stay filled with water, but the cause of all the fog here is usually the air hitting the water, especially the river water. Many houses here have wells, especially the older houses. I have town water.

      Nala chases the cats. Henry likes Jack. I think Nala would too if she just gave Jack the chance. Nala is the instigator.

      Even when I was an adult, when I visited my parents for the weekend, we always had Sunday dinner. Often we had Chinese take out on Saturday night.

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