“I cannot tell you how grateful I am – I am filled with humidity.”

Today, a thunder storm is predicted for both day and night. The air is humid, hot at 76˚. I needed to go out again, fourth day in a row. I went out early so I get home quickly. I had to get gas first. This needing to go out is just too-too. I sometimes long for those quiet winter weeks when I traveled only 8 miles, usually to the dump and back with maybe a stop at Ring’s, my favorite grocery store and on the way home anyway.

When I was a kid, Duke, our boxer, ate everything. He’d sometimes sit under the dinner table hoping for food. He always got some. We’d sneak it to him. I remember trying to sneak him the food without bending over and giving myself away, but Duke figured out the solution on his own. He came to me, and I put my hand down, and he ate the food from my fingers. It all looked perfectly innocent. Duke and I were co-conspirators.

Yesterday, while I was out, Nala stole papers from the recycle bin and shredded a few pages of the Globe from the day before. I noticed the mess as soon as I got home. I had two bags of groceries which I put on the floor while I cleaned the paper up. I turned and found Nala with the loaf of bread in her mouth, but she couldn’t escape. The back door was still closed. I got my bread back and put it in the oven for safe keeping. I put the rest of the groceries away.

Because Nala was outside a long while yesterday afternoon, I went to check on her. She was on the deck eating my bananas. I had completely forgotten my bananas. I had put them in a wire basket and thought they were safe. When I saw a couple of untouched bananas in the yard, I ran down and managed to save the two bananas. Nala had eaten 4. I was heart-broken. No, no, not my bananas!!

I have a birthday balloon still flying in the dining room. It surprises me that Nala either hasn’t noticed or has no interest; instead, she tore apart two packages of napkins I was saving for drinks with company. I found the trashed napkins outside when I was rescuing my bananas. I also found more paper from stolen goods I hadn’t noticed were missing. That dog does not discriminate. Anything is fair game whether I am home or not, but I do feel a little silly when I’m home, and she takes off out the back door with food or papers, groceries and books or magazines. She did steal a four pound bag of dry dog food, but I caught her outside with it. I think she is in training. The big bag of dry dog food is still in the car. I have to find a hiding place.

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  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    “Yes, we have no bananas, we have no bananas today”. At least Nala won’t have muscle cramps since eating those bananas she will have plenty of potassium. 🙂 Although not a fan of bananas, I have been eating one a day and have had no leg muscle cramps at night so far. Maybe my spouse is right about this one.

    Today we are not going to get warmer than the upper eighties under cloudy skies. We had a lot of rain earlier this morning and the humidity here is also high. It’s been a very weird summer so far.

    When I was a teenager in NYC my aunt had a mixed breed dog, named Sandy, who also parked himself under the kitchen table at dinner time. We would also sneak him some of our food when my aunt and uncle weren’t looking. My aunt would sit at the same table and prepare the meals and she would toss him some of the scraps. She would rapidly pull her hand away from his mouth since he was adept at catching the food in midair. Then, she would immediately jump up and wash her hands even though she didn’t touch the dog.

    Think of all the good exercise you are getting cleaning up Nala’s messes and running around collecting what’s left of your groceries. :-‘

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I really like bananas, have always liked bananas. I buy the organic bananas. They taste better and last longer. I ate a lot of bananas in Ghana.

      It rained in the early afternoon. Right now it is really humid and windy. It is in the mid-70s’. I turned on my AC as the house got hot.

      My dogs all loved my mother. She always gave them cold cuts or cheese when she was in the kitchen. As soon as the dog heard the sound of the paper, she’d run to the kitchen and sit and wait for the treat. My father even made a plate for my dog’s first St. Patrick’s Day.

      If Nala gets outside, I have no chance whatsoever to catch her. The yard is too big and she is too fast. I have to convince her to drop the whatever, like the loaf yesterday. She actually did and got a treat for it. I hope that imprints.

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Oh, Nala. Bananas are good for dogs. Banana peels, not so much. Just remember, unless the item is locked away in a closed container that is impervious to dog teeth and immovable by dogs, it is not safe.

    Piki Dog is my thief though Rocky has also had his moments. Rocky will bring stuff back. Piki Dog might bring something back but not if it’s edible. They both stand under the stove when I’m cooking and wait for fallout. Rocky stands and stares at the floor because that’s where fallout appears. Piki Dog stands and stares up at the stove top because he knows where the fallout originates. They are my furry little roombas.

    I’ve gotten myself out of the house by 7AM every day this week. I take the dogs to the lake for their morning walk. It’s more interesting than walking around the neighborhood. They’ve learned this new habit very quickly. Rocky refuses to eat breakfast until we have done that.

    We had tornado warnings posted up here this afternoon. I guess there was a developing one in the town next to me. Otherwise, it’s rained. Sometimes gently. Sometimes in deluges. Now it’s sunny, hot, and sticky.
    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I found the gross peels. Nala didn’t eat them. She just ate the banana. This is a new experience for me. I have never had a dog who stole food before Nala, but she is a singular pup whose thievery is not limited to food. She also steals newspapers, pieces of cardboard, pottery jug tops, metal toys and magazines. Nothing is safe. She doesn’t care if I’m home. I am not a deterrent.

      I went out today, and I need to go out tomorrow as well. That is out all 5 weekdays. I need a nap!

      We didn’t have the rain for very long. It cleared quickly, and the sky got lighter. We still have a breeze but the humidity is high. I’m leaving my AC running.

      Stay cool!

  3. J Says:

    Hi Kat
    Words and image struck home with this day’s post.
    The man in the middle reminds me of my grandfather: body type, clothes, dressed for the beach!
    And when he arrived in New Bedford from Galway, one of his first new experiences was….a banana. He just took a bite, thru the skin, like an apple!

    • katry Says:

      Hi J,
      This makes me glad. I always hope that my musings and my music will touch people and maybe bring back memories.

      I chuckled at your grandfather and his first encounter with a banana, of all first experiences.

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