“Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is.”

Today is another dark, damp day. It rained yesterday on and off. I think it also rained early this morning as the sides of the roads are still wet. My larder is full. The dump is closed today. I have no need to go out. I have no need to get dressed. I do have a few household chores keeping me from a total sloth day. The basket needs emptying, and the kitchen floor is a disgusting mess of muddy paw prints. I may clean just the worst of them, between the back door and the hall, in case it rains. I think they need boots, but I doubt either dog would agree. Henry would recoil, and Nala would steal them and hide them in the backyard.

When I was a kid, by the time mid-August came, I was ready to be back in school. I had played every game, ridden my bike all over town, read a bunch of books, swam at the pool and eaten hot dogs just about every Saturday night. All the school shopping was done. I had new shoes, a new blue skirt and a couple of new white blouses, my uniform, a new school bag, a lunch box with a thermos and a pencil box. I loved pencil boxes. Mine had a few pencils, of course, a small pencil sharpener which left shavings all over, a protractor, a six inch ruler, a pink eraser and a few colored pencils. It slid open and closed. The covers were colored pictures. I have an old pencil box with a red school house and cherub blonde children, but I had never cared so much about the cover. It was the inside which mattered. I used to sit on my bed sliding my box open and closed and admiring the newness of everything. I never used anything inside my pencil box until after school had begun.

In my downstairs bathroom, there is an open, really old wooden chalk board. On the flat board are crayons, an old, small metal globe from a bank, empty Scripto ink bottles, an old fountain pen, the sort you dip, a school bell with Ding Dong School around the wooden bottom and a few small advertising rulers probably given away in the stores. On the floor, under the board, are old games and a few Miss Francis’ Ding Dong School art supplies including some paper. The game Go to the Head of the Class is also there. It is the same board we used when I was a kid. School pictures of classes are on the wall. A small flatish desk holds hand towels and more school knickknacks. I have no idea what prompted the themed bathroom, especially a school theme. The rest of my house is pretty eclectic. No one ever mentions the bathroom decor. The only comments about the bathroom are things like you need more toilet paper or where can I find a clean towel.

It’s nap time in my house for all four pets. The dogs are down here with me, and the cats are upstairs in their room. I’m the only one awake.

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4 Comments on ““Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I still love pencil boxes and check them out in the stores when back to school supplies come out. I also check out notebooks and binders. And pens. Especially pens. I have a pen fetish. Once in Kansas City, MO, while wandering through the shops attached to my hotel, I discovered The Pen Store. I waited until the last day of my stay before I went in there. They had a pen that cost almost 10,000 USD. I didn’t buy that one. But I wanted to. 😀

    Miss Frances’ Ding Dong School had art supplies that you could buy? I did not know that. She was 21″ Classroom on WGBH before it was PBS or NPB or whatever it is now. I watched her back in the day. I also watched Madam Slack who taught French. My 5th grade teacher would shut off the tv after Madam Slack’s lesson and tell us we could only speak French to each other for the next half hour. It was a very quiet half hour which may have been the point.

    It was murky and damp all day up here but now the sun is out.
    Everyone is awake here but we’re not doing very much.
    Enjoy your day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I used ink pens all through late elementary and high school, and I have a few ink pens I bought a while back. They were expensive considering how cheap pens like Bic are, but writing looks so much nicer when formed by an ink pen.

      I have some roll paper for art projects and one finger painting metal paint holder. Both say Ding Dong School. I ‘ve never heard of Madam Slack. My elementary school did not have TV’s, and it didn’t have French.

      I had outside uke practice at 6:30. The rain had disappeared in the earlier afternoon. It was still a bit humid but there was a breeze. We were done at 7:30, and it is getting dark by then. We still have two more weekly practices scheduled.

      That’s about it for the day!

      • Caryn Says:

        I suspect we only had French in 5th grade because Monsieur Benoit spoke it fluently. I took French later on in high school and he was my teacher then, too. I was not good at French. I remember having to give an oral report, in French, on where we would like to live after graduation. I wanted to live in England and listed all the reasons. When I was done, Mr Benoit asked me why I didn’t want to live in Paris. I said “Parce-que je ne parle pas la langue.” and we both laughed.

      • katry Says:

        It is interesting that he moved from elementary school to high school.

        I commiserate with you and not being good at French. I had a tremendous memory so I knew all the French words, but my French accent made people cringe. I’m with you about Paris.

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