“As wonderful as dogs can be, they are famous for missing the point.”

Today is cloudy and a bit hot at 78˚, the high for the day. Tomorrow it will be rainy so I guess today is a sort of dress rehearsal with humidity and clouds, but no rain. I did the dump run yesterday. The dump was so crowded I had to ride around twice to get a spot at the recycle bins. My trunk was filled with heavy, spent litter bags. They had to be dragged then hefted and thrown over the sides of the green, metal bin. Sometimes, almost involuntarily, I grunted at the weight of the bags as I threw them. It wasn’t pretty.

Today will be less exciting than yesterday. I have uke practice tonight for an hour. That’s it, my only commitment to the day, my only reason to have to get dressed. Today would have been a perfect sloth day, a day dedicated to wearing cozies, to doing no work and to lazing the day away.

I remember weather days like this when I was a kid, totally cloudy days. The playground was open at nine but not in the rain so because we spent day at the playground doing crafts, playing games like checkers and softball, our mantra, actually our nursery rhyme, for the day was rain, rain, go away, which now, in hindsight, sort of makes no sense. It wasn’t raining, but anyway, on a cloudy day we hoped for just clouds, a reprieve from the sun.

Whenever we went to the beach, my face got sunburned over the tan. I had to wear a tee shirt so my back and shoulders wouldn’t get burnt. My mother always packed tee shirts, and by afternoon, we were all wearing tee shirts. My mother had reached the sun limit. I didn’t mind.

I went out on the deck to retrieve something Nala had stolen from the kitchen. It was a paper towel which Nala didn’t seem to like. It was left mostly intact. I looked over the bannister and saw a paper plate which must have been with paper towel. It had been flattened. I remembered I had pizza on that plate and had left it on the counter in case I wanted another piece of pizza. I don’t remember it going missing. I must have moved on to something else.

Last night the two dogs were driving me crazy. They were chasing each other around the house from room to room, and they’d stop on the couch to eat each other’s faces low growling all the time, all in fun. I kept throwing them off the couch, and they kept coming back. Finally, I used the magic word, dinner. They both stopped, looked attentive and ran to the kitchen. All of a sudden, I had a memory flash. I remembered our magic word was supper, and we pretty much had the same reaction to our word. That’s sort of interesting in an odd sort of way.

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4 Comments on ““As wonderful as dogs can be, they are famous for missing the point.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today is partly cloudy with a high predicted of only 90°. Later in the week the furnace will reopen and the dog days of August will return.

    When you and I were coming up there was no sunscreen only suntan lotion. Once on a vacation to Miami Beach in the mid 1950s my sister and I got a bad case of sun poisoning. We were as red as boiled lobsters and the pain was terrible. My mother slathered is in Noxema cream to help with the burn. I still don’t like the odor of Noxema. 🙁 Today I slather myself with the highest level SPF stuff I can find before going into the pool. I also wear a baseball cap to protect the top of my head. My natural head protection is getting awfully thin up there. 🙂

    My two adult children are driving me as crazy as your two dogs chasing each other around the house. They both talk continually, especially my 24 year old son. He never shuts up, especially when talking to his mother. He talks nonstop and gets angry if you interrupt him. He should run for the Senate as long as they still have the filibuster rule. He’s like Jimmy Stewart in the movie, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      We’ll hit the 80’s a few days this month, but it is also the month of humidity. I love September so I’ll plow through August.

      When I was a teen, the fight was on for the best tan. Even for years when I was an adult we’ll slather ourselves with baby oil hoping for a bit of a sun burn. I got a horrible burn from Easter Sunday at the beach in Ghana. The PC doctor gave me an ointment which helped soothe.

      Sometimes I wish I had a roommate but more times I’m glad for the silence. I have the dogs for noise and mayhem. I’m glad for dogs.

      • Bob Says:

        I remember woman applying baby oil to get a deeper tan. This was of course before we know about the effects of sun exposure and skin cancer.

        I don’t think my wife would let me have a young, cute, sexy female roommate. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        I used baby oil when sitting around my friend’s pool. It was a contest to see who got the best tan.

        You wife might have an objection or two.

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