“Asking the question ‘What are the trees doing?’ may well lead to a variety of profound discoveries.”

Today is already hot. It is 85˚, the high for the day. Tonight will go down to the upper 60’s. The sun is out, mostly. The slight breeze is more for effect. It does little to cool the air. Nala is still panting after her lope around the yard. I think Henry is upstairs having his morning nap. It’s a quiet day.

If I am out of the house at least three days in a week, it is a busy week. Last week was busy, and this week too will be busy. I have my usual stops at the dump to get rid of the trash and at Agway for animal food, but there’s so much more. Tonight I’ll be in Hyannis to play my uke in a group concert. I like to sit in the back to be anonymous. I am only a fair to middling musician. I even think calling me a musician is pushing it a bit. Tomorrow is practice and Wednesday is a lesson. Without my uke, I’d be a hermit, not that I’d mind.

My memory drawers seem to be nailed shut. I start an entry and then delete it. My inspiration, my muse, has left me for a cooler place. She is far smarter than I, but I have an easy solution: write down whatever comes into my head.

My favorite cereal was Rice Krispies. I like the taste, and I like the sound it makes in my bowl. Last week I had Cocoa Krispies for the first time. They have nudged regular Krispies to second place.

I hate panty hose. They were always difficult to get into, being small enough to fit into that egg. What’s worse is sometimes, when I put my hand inside the leg to stretch the hose, I snag a fingernail on the mesh. I was starting out my day with a hosiery flaw.

Last week I bought the small variety boxes of Kellogg’s cereal. They were my lunch and dinner until I ran out of them and milk. I went to the grocery store with only two items on my list. I left the grocery store with three bags full.

I’m watching Alien Siege. I don’t recognize a single face. This movie deserves recognition for the worst acting in a science fiction B-movie though I would rate this lower in the alphabet than a B.

I only like apples when they are cold. I love oranges regardless, the same with pineapples. Mangoes are their juiciest when they are warm, not in the fridge.

I think white or brown rice needs help to taste good. Take umbrage if you must, but they taste bland to me. Jollof rice I could eat every night. Fried rice is good for a couple of nights. Rice Pilaf is another favorite of mine. No brown rice dishes are on my list.

I am a carnivore. Mostly I eat chicken, but I would never turn down a grilled rib-eye. Nor would I ever turn down mashed potatoes. Throw in some baby peas, and I’d be in heaven.

From my travels, but mostly from living in Ghana, I have learned to eat best is to eat local food. I know to be careful of the water. My house had good water. Learn greetings and thanks in local tribal languages to say hello to people. Greetings are the easiest, but how are you also works. Just remember to answer I am fine in whatever language. Watch the peoples’ faces when you know even a little of their language. It makes you want to learn more. Travel locally. I’ve met some interesting people on busses. Take an all night bus to save money and sleep when you can. Embrace everything. Remember everything you can see, smell and taste. Live your highest life.

The AC is on. The house got really hot, 79˚. I was starting to pant.

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6 Comments on ““Asking the question ‘What are the trees doing?’ may well lead to a variety of profound discoveries.””

  1. Birgit Says:

    Your first uke concert? Have fun!
    I hope your friends who had the great idea to give you a uke can be with you.

    • katry Says:

      This is my third. The last one was on Thursday and before that was one a couple of Mondays ago.

      My friends are still in Florida until they can solve issues with their house here. No videos of my concert performance.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Yesterday at 3:10 in the afternoon the official temperature reached 100° and I was in the water. Today is a repeat of yesterday. Your Summer selections were perfect. The next few days are going to make up for the below normal temperatures and wetyer than normal July. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bib,
      That took a long while to get to, your 100˚.

      I knew we would have a hot day today. We are getting into August, so today was more like August heat. I turned my AC on before I left so the house was nice and cold when I got home. I have since turned it off. We’re down to 75˚ and will get lower. I’m comfortable as are the formerly panting dogs.

  3. Christer. Says:

    We’ve had thunder all day here, it is a sort of lazy thunder with a few lightnings every now and again but it doesn’t manage to do anything more 🙂 It is getting closer again so I better vstop but I agree, rice needs something to make it taste good 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      HI Christer,
      I like thunder. My dogs don’t seem to mind it. The cats don’t care at all. We had a few rumbles last week but no rain. I was disappointed.

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