Highway 61 Revisited: Bob Dylan

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6 Comments on “Highway 61 Revisited: Bob Dylan”

  1. J Says:

    Hi Kat
    One thing about Bob Dylan is his encyclopedic knowledge ,and us, of American musical history. From http://www.bobdylancommentaries.com/bob-dylan/114-2/ : “Highway 51 Blues has an interesting history. Highway 51 is an actual road that runs from New Orleans to Wisconsin. It was one of the primary routes southern blacks used as they migrated to the north in search of factory jobs in the big cities. On Dylan’s first album, “Bob Dylan”, the song is credited to Curtis Jones, a blues piano player.”
    Curtis Jones “Highway 51 Blues” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fesf3-XOG3c

    • katry Says:

      Hi J,
      I am a huge fan of the blues, but I hadn’t heard this Curtis Jones song nor did I know the background of Dylan’s song. I knew Highway 51 is real but not its significance. Thanks for filling in my Dylan gaps.

      I went hunting for the Everly songs as I also love rockabilly. I couldn’t find any video.

  2. J Says:

    “…knowledge ,and us, of … ” should be, of course, “…knowledge, and use…, of “

  3. J Says:

    And that’s why “Highway 61 Revisited” is a look back to “Highway 51” on his first album AND to the Curtis Jones original…

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