“You were abducted by space aliens. Of course you want egg rolls.”

Today is cold, in the very low 60’s. It is also dark. Rain is expected this afternoon into the night and continuing tomorrow with a low of 58˚. That’s even a cold spring day. The roads over the bridges to the cape were bumper to bumper traffic yesterday. Today the tourists will be out and about trying to find something to do in the rain. The main roads will be clogged with slow moving cars filled with tourists craning their necks from side to side so as not to miss anything. I’ll stay home.

Last night I decided hot dogs were the perfect dinner. I am a fan of hot dogs and always have some on hand. Four dogs were left but only two buns. I figured I’d cook all four and share with Nala and Henry. I went into the bathroom, and when I returned to the kitchen, the hot dogs were gone and so was Nala. When she steals something, she runs outside to hide her crime. I went to look and saw her running in the yard with her prize in her mouth. I went back inside and cooked eggs for dinner. The sad, leftover buns were my toast.

My kitchen floor is a disgrace. It is criss-crossed with muddy paw prints. I hate it, but I have to leave it be through tomorrow’s rain. It would silly to wash it now, but that floor is driving me crazy.

When I was a kid, our dog Duke stole a roast beef off the counter. It was sitting there defrosting for dinner. My brother and I wrested the meat from Duke’s mouth. He wasn’t happy but gave up his prize anyway. We washed the beef and pressed the meat to hid the toothmarks. My mother was never the wiser.

I remember one July 4th. We were in the next town over at my dad’s friend’s house. It was on the parade route so we’d sit on the porch to watch the parade, an amazing parade of floats, bands, drill teams and drum corps. We’d nosh on snacks and appetizers during the festivities then have barbecue for supper, we kids that is. The adults ordered Chinese food. I can still see all the white containers sitting on the kitchen island. I asked my mother if I could taste some of it. She said no. Chinese food is not good for children, only adults. Sometime later, after I’d eaten Chinese food and didn’t die or get hives, I remembered the adults only comment and realized that my mother had told a lie of convenience so the adults wouldn’t have to share.

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  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Because I grew up, until the age of six, in Brooklyn and we’re Jewish, I ate Chinese food from a very early age. The Jewish people in this country have an interesting relationship with Chinese food. I think it began in the early 20th century when Jews started eating it because the meat and vegetables were cut into small pieces and stir fried. This way the Jewish people could say that they didn’t see the meat in the dish and couldn’t tell if it was or was not kosher. 🙂

    My father had a friend who owned a huge Harlequin Great Dane Dog named, Moose. My father had purchased several pounds of frozen babyback ribs packed in cardboard boxes. He put the ribs in the back of his station wagon with the dog. When he got home Moose had gnawed through the cardboard and was chewing on several of the frozen ribs. 🙂

    Today, the sun is out and the temperature is a nice 84° with low humidity. I’m headed out to the covered patio to watch my daughter go swimming.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I chuckled at the Moose story. I’m sure your father was really angry. My father would have been furious. I hope the dog was all right as ribs splinter and can harm the dog’s insides.

      Chinese food was considered a bit exotic. Other than Italian, it was the only ethnic restaurant in town. The China Moon was the go to it spot for dinners before high school events and afterwards. When I was first living in Ghana, there was only one Chinese restaurant. It was in the capital, Accra. We usually went there when we got to the coast, which wasn’t often: it was a real treat eating there. The food was quite different but still delicious.Now, Ghana has so many different ethnic restaurants. On my last visit, we are at a Turkish restaurant. It was scrumptious.

      It will go down to the 50’s tonight. The rain is steady and heavy. It will go down to the 50’s tonight. Summer?

  2. lilydark Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I didn’t know that about Chinese food. There weren’t very many Chinese places near us–especially in the summer. Now it is sort of a ritual on Christmas to get Chinese food if one is Jewish, as they are one of the few places open.
    Fireworks happened over the beach, and we would just go down and watch them.
    When I was growing up we had a Saint Bernard named Brandy. He wasn’t very well trained, and my father was the only one who could really handle him. One summer, my my mom was driving us all to relocate to the LBI for summer and Brandy was in the car. My mom stepped out for something, and Brandy came up to the driver’s seat and would not budge. I thought my mom was going to start to cry.
    My sister finally enticed him from the drivers seat with a dog treat, and we were on our merry way.
    Woofs and Purrs,
    Lori and Ms. Cooke.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Lori,
      Around here, New Year’s Eve is the Chinese food holiday. I don’t know of anyone who gets it on Christmas, but I can see if you don’t celebrate the holiday, you won’t feel like making a big festive dinner. I’m not even sure if any are open on Christmas around here.

      The biggest fireworks are in Hyannis Harbor. There is also a boat parade in the afternoon. It is fun watching from the beach.

      Dogs are funny. Boxers are stubborn dogs. I didn’t know St. Bernard’s were. Shauna was the most stubborn of my boxers. She wouldn’t get off my mother in the car so I had to stop the car and move her. She braced her feet on the floor and wouldn’t budge. I had to lift her into the car.

      Kat and her growing number of babies.

  3. Christer. Says:

    Hot again today, I keep hoping for thunder so that it cools down a bit but I doubt that will happen. Still I am happy for those who has vacation right now, this will be a summer they remember for a long time 🙂 Either because the climate will be worse or that our more normal and rainy weather comes back 🙂 🙂

    My old Viran always stole food when she could, especially my neighbors dinners 🙂 🙂 🙂 He loved her and I was never allowed to pay him for what she ate or buy the same things for him 🙂 🙂 It wasn’t fun while it happened but now days I laugh out loud when I think of all the crazy things she did 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      Cold and still raining right now. My house is down to the 60’s so I’m wearing a sweatshirt again. For people here on the cape for the long weekend, they have yet to have a day without rain. I’d be angry with all the rain as rentals are through the roof this year, and there are almost none still available.

      Nala is a garbage and bag picker. I had to chase her earlier as she stole something from my bedroom. That dog is fast! I’m in the it isn’t fun stage!

      Have a wonderful day!!

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