“There is safety in the very heart of danger.”

Today was sunny when I woke up, but since then clouds have arrived, and the day is getting a bit dark. Rain is predicted for tonight, but maybe it will arrive sooner. I’ll be glad for the rain and glad, even more, for the thunder and lightning. 84˚ is the current temperature. I turned on my air conditioner when I got downstairs. and the dogs are lolling on the couch.

Last night I woke up and called Henry to come upstairs. I turned on the hall light and saw Jack downstairs lying on the floor. I was happy to see he gets out of his cat room to roam a bit. He loves Henry so Jack must have felt safe. Nala, the terror dog, was asleep on my bed. She cries at Jack. He just stays out of her reach near the hole in the gate protecting the cat room. Jack drives Nala crazy.

We got our first kitten when I was sixteen. We waited until my father was not home except for weekends. He had been transferred, and we would not be moving until after school ended. When my father found out, he told my mother to get rid of the cat. My father was not a cat lover. Dogs were masculine. Cats were feminine. We didn’t rid of the cat. My father wasn’t happy until he was lying in bed watching TV, and the cat jumped on the bed, licked him and snuggled. My father was smitten. From then on, my parents had two cats and a dog. That first cat, Gideon, loved my father more than any other human. The rest of us just happened to live in the same house as my Dad. Gideon even went in the car with my Dad, slept behind him on the top of my Dad’s seat and leaned on him for the whole ride. My father became a cat lover, and my parents always had cats after that.

When I was a kid, I always felt safe. I knew bogeymen weren’t real and neither was the guy with the hook, but I do remember once, I think I was probably ten, when we were visiting my grandparents in East Boston. We, including me, my brother, my uncle, two years older than I, were going to the MDC pool near the science museum. We were taking the subway. While waiting in the station for the train, I was approached by a man who offered me candy if I went with him. He told me I just had to move to the other side of the station. I remember the guy had bad teeth and was wearing a hat. I said no but that didn’t deter him. He tried again. That’s when I got scared and ran to my brother and uncle. They asked what was the matter. I said nothing was the matter. I never told them or my parents about the guy who, after that, just disappeared off the station platform. I felt relieved and safe and even a bit brave.

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4 Comments on ““There is safety in the very heart of danger.””

  1. Christer. Says:

    Cool and a bit rainy today, just perfect to be honest 🙂 The grass will start to grow though so I better prepare the mower.

    My mother didn’t like cats when I was younger but suddenly she changed her mind and after that there has always been a cat in my home. I must admit I’m not a cat person but I don’t mind them. Out here in the country side we do need a cat or two since we have lots of rodents and no matter how many foxes and raptor birds take we still have plenty left 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      It was another hot day today. The crazy dogs were chasing each other in the yard and came ins panting. I put ice in their water dish, and I could hear them crunching the ice cubes they carried down the hall.

      My whole family has had cats. My niece, my nephew and my brother’s kids also have dogs. My sister has three cats, two of them kittens she just got. We are multiple pet families.

      Have a great evening!

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was partly sunny and warm with a high of 93°. Yesterday, my handyman and his wife were supposed to start replacing all the rotted wood around the exterior of the house. However, the company from which they ordered the materials lost their order and they had to find another supplier. Building materials are still in short supply because of the pandemic. Today they worked all day until 7:30 and replaced most of the wood. They will return tomorrow and Saturday to finish the job.

    Because my spouse is deathly alergic to cats, even mentioning one will case her to go into an alergic reaction. Therefore, we had only dogs. We’ve had an American Eskimo, two racing Greyhounds, two Dachshunds and a black Lab Mix. We didn’t have them all at the same time but spread them out over the years. I was glad to save the racing dogs from being destroyed if they weren’t winners. I always thought the dog on the bus was a beautiful animal and finally owned two of them. They make wonderful pets.

    My father never let us have pets when we were young. He would tell me and my sister that he didn’t need pets because he had the two of us. 🙁

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It is always great to have a job finished even if someone else did it. Today was in the low 80’s then started to cool The rain started around 10, and it got cold, down about 15 degrees, but I am glad for the rain. It is supposed to rain tomorrow as well and maybe Saturday. This is the first big summer weekend for the cape so I hope the rain may deter the tourists.

      My neighbors had two greyhounds, and they were handsome animals. When I was kid, we had dogs and then cats. I had two cats when I first moved into my house. After a few years, I got my first dog, a boxer. That was the breed I had with my next two dogs then I got Henry. I couldn’t afford a boxer at the time, and Henry looked needy so I chose him. Henry is a special needs dog according to the behavior(shrink) vet. He is on medication every day, but he is so amazing now. Henry has come a long, long way. Now I have my newest boxer, Nala. She is doing just fine and loves Henry.

      My father never had pets. His parents didn’t like pets in the house. I’m not sure, but I think my mother’s family had dogs. We got our dog Duke when I was 5. My father loved all the pets the family had.

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