“Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”

The morning ran away from me. I woke up late, took my time reading the papers, chatted with my former neighbor, also my landscaper, and watched a bit of the news. I don’t know why I watch the news. It seldom changes. Inside my house, my world may be small, but it is a good world. The air conditioner is keeping the heat, extreme for this time of year, at bay. The dogs love the coolness and chase each around the house. Groceries from the organic store were just delivered. I treated myself to Tate’s chocolate chip cookies and some chocolate wafers. I now have tomatoes, raspberries and bananas. The dogs will be happy. They are banana fans. My groceries filled just one bag, and I am $60+ poorer. My trash pile is mounting. It is mostly used cat litter, heavy used cat litter. I am toying with the idea of calling Skip, my factotum, to do a trash run, cut down the tall weeds in the back yard, gather the fallen branches all over the back and finally open my deck. I just hope the weather cools enough for outside work.

The only sounds are birds. I did see the baby rabbit when I got my newspaper. It scurried to hide in the flowers, well buds not yet flowers, in the front garden. The rabbit seems to have found a home here much to the amusement of my dogs. They love watching out the front door. Nala is a trash bag picker. Like Gracie did, she sneaks stuff out of the bag and runs outside so I won’t catch her. Last night I found the remnants of cardboard trash bag container in pieces on the deck. She also stole a bag of exotic tea bags I was saving for a friend. She got them from a box in my room. She didn’t like the tea but she loved the mesh bag holding the tea. I took from her mouth and found another piece outside.

When I was a kid, I went to Girl Scout day camp. We were the oldest campers. I remember when we had to take down the flag each afternoon, fold it and put it away for the next day. Facing each other during the folding was our undoing. We had to look away or we would have laughed out loud. The counselors were not happy. We got the role model speech. I enjoyed the camp. I learned how to make hobo stew. We went hiking through the pine woods. It always felt cool on the paths under the trees. Our last camp activity was an overnight in the lodge. The lodge smelled of camp fires. The walls were all pine wood. The kitchen was inside as was the counselors’ room. The bathrooms were a step away. They had plumbing. We slept on cots, the old canvas cots with wooden legs and end pieces. They were folded and tucked away in storage under benches. Opening them was like trying to solve a puzzle. During the night sometimes, a cot would collapse at one end. That was always funny and a counselor always told us to go back to sleep. Fun was easy when I was a kid.

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  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I went to Girl Scout day camp once. I was a Brownie and we went there for our Flying Up ceremony. We had to pass some tests but the only one I remember was that we had to demonstrate that we could cook a hot dog over an open flame. Having practiced that on my mother’s gas stove many times, it was a piece of cake.
    The dogs and I were out early in order to have a good walk before it got brutally hot. We just about made it home before melting totally.
    I wore a straw hat to keep the sun off my head so, of course, when I removed it I had summer hat head. It’s different from winter hat head which involves static electricity making the hairs stand on end. Summer hat head involves sweat and humidity which does precisely the opposite. The rest of the day was spent in front of the AC. All of us.
    Enjoy the rest of the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      There were brownies at our camp as well, but I don’t remember there being a ceremony. My own Flying Up ceremony was at the town hall. I would have loved that test. Hot dogs are my go to it food. I’m thinking of having a couple tonight.

      I went to get the mail, and that was it for going outside. I was blinded by the sunlight as soon as I got outside. I should have worn sunglasses.

      My AC started blasting around noon. The house was coolish when I woke up but got hot quickly. The two dogs are playing in the hall. The AC gives them plenty of energy. They drive me crazy with their running and playing and gnawing on each other. My former neighbor dropped by today and though Henry was much better than he had been with strangers. I’m sure it is Nala helping him.

      Have a great night!!

      • Caryn Says:

        Maybe Henry needed a confident dog to show him how to Dog better. Nala maybe needs some lessons from Henry on how to behave inside the house. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        I think having Nala has been really good for Henry even after this short time. My neighbor came in and Henry actually sniffed his hand. Even he noticed that Henry is a bit more friendly. Nala is a puppy and a boxer, a deadly combination for jumping. I’m working on that. I don’t catch her taking the stuff she tears apart. Gracie too was sneaky that way. She’d go through the trash bag and take something like a meat container and escape through the dog door. I only knew about the trash when I’d see the torn stuff outside.

  2. Birgit Says:

    Weather is unfair. It looks like we just got too much of the cool rain you need, I read that lower parts of this town and 2 highways are flooded. No problem where I live I think, it’s dark outside. We’ll see tomorrow. Stay cool!

    • katry Says:

      I’m in the AC where I have been the whole day. It got chilly so I put on a sweatshirt rather than turn up the air conditioner. My upstairs is always hotter than down here as it takes so long to cool down so I want the AC blasting.

      We are in drought condition. I can water my lawn on even days. My lawn needs help. It is mossy in one area.This fall parts of the lawn need to be resown.

      It will be hot again tomorrow but not even anywhere as close as the heat is in the Northwest. Seattle has reached 110˚ setting a new record. We are only 82˚ but the humidity is 87%. That’s the killer.

      Stay dry!

  3. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today has been remarkably cool for the end of June and cloudy. The high today was a cool 89° with scattered showers. Usually, our first 100° day is July first and this year has been much cooler. We haven’t had a 100° day yet and normally we average 20 days above the century mark.

    Tomorrow my handy persons, husband and wife team, is coming to replace and paint the wood on my chimney. When I bought the house last year I knew that the wood needed to be replaced but put it off until now. They will also replace and repaint the rotted wooden window sill under the AC overflow tube. A house in our sub division just came on the market without a pool for $100,000 more than I paid last July and it has less square footage. 🙂

    I can’t belive that it’s already Independence Day weekend. Time is going by very, very quickly. When I was a kid I thought that at some distant future time I would finally grow up. I recall riding in the car with my mother in about 1957 and we were discussing how old we would be at the turn of the 21st. century. I couldn’t imagine how far away that date seemed. Unfortunately, my mother never made it past 1960. Thinking back to 2,001 it seems like it was just yesterday. Remember the Y2K scare? My company was owned by GE back then and they sent a team around the world to check all of the company’s computers. They wanted to know if our elevators were computerized. They aren’t and weren’t. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Boston has had the hottest June on record. We didn’t get as high on any day. Tomorrow will also be really hot. We haven’t had a long rain in a while. We can really use it.

      The housing market here is crazy. People are offering cash higher than the asking price often foregoing the inspection. There just aren’t enough houses on the market. I don’t think I have ever seen wood on a chimney. Do you mean beside the brick? When I put vinyl on the front of the house, I also put it on the sills and the soffit. That way they never need paint.

      My mother has also been gone a while, but not as long as your mother has. I miss her every day.

      Time does pass quickly as we age. Think about it. When we were seven, every year was 1/7th of our lives. Now every year is 1/74th of our lives.

      I do remember the Y2K scare and how nothing came of it at all.

      • Bob Says:

        The actual chimney is probably a metal tube and it’s sourounded by painted wood siding. We thought about replacing the siding on the rear the chimney and on one side of the house with vinyl siding. Before I have them paint the rest of the siding later in the year, I will get a quote on vinyl. His quote for replacing and painting the chimney is very reasonable.

      • katry Says:

        Thanks for explaining. I have a regular brick chimney and thought you had some crazy surrounding on your chimney.

        I have only the front of the house and the window surrounds vinyl-sided. The other three sides of the house are covered in shingles, what you probably call shakes. The shingles are the most common house siding here on the cape. Most people only paint or vinyl the fronts of their houses. The front of the house was painted red, but with the salt air, the house had to be painted every 4 or 5 years so I went with the vinyl siding. It was the best decision.

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