“Contrary to popular belief, diamond is not the hardest material known to man. The hardest material in the universe is dried egg yolk. And one day, it will revolutionize the construction industry.”

The closed house still holds the chill from yesterday when the AC blasted most of the afternoon and evening. Another hot day is predicted for today. Even now it is already 86˚, but worst than the high temperature is the humidity at 72%. I will be staying close to hearth and home today and will be wearing the least amount of clothes decency will allow.

Oh, to be young again when weather hardly mattered. I could play softball at the park even under the heat of the afternoon sun. Hydrate was an unknown word and never encouraged, but I would stop to drink, if I needed water, at the bubbler close to the field in the park. Even my dog Duke drank from the bubbler. He’d stand upright on his back paws and slurp the water.

Yesterday, the new renters next door were on their deck. One woman laughed like a horse neighing. Every time she did Henry barked and ran to the front door. He couldn’t be convinced it wasn’t from a horse draw carriage rolling down the street. That was when I shut all the windows and turned on the AC.

When I was a kid, I remember lying in bed with my head on my pillow and feeling water drain from my ear. It was warm water. It was ocean water from swimming at the beach. I used to love swimming underwater. I always kept my eyes opened hoping to find a treasure. I never did. I never saw much except a few shells and peoples’ legs and feet.

I found a tick on Nala. It was still moving around. I checked the rest of her and didn’t find any more. I checked Henry and found none. Both have short fur making hunting easier. Yesterday’s tick makes it 3 to 1: three for me and one for the dogs.

I don’t remember my mother ever making pancakes. That was fine with me as I didn’t like them. They had a weird consistency. I liked eggs for a more formal breakfast than cereal. My mother took requests. Scrambled with cheese or fried eggs over easy were my favorites. There was a technique I always employed when eating the fried eggs. I’d eat the white around the yolks first then I’d break the yolk. One piece of toast was used to mop up each egg’s yoke. If I did it right, the dish was clean. The dog was always disappointed.

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4 Comments on ““Contrary to popular belief, diamond is not the hardest material known to man. The hardest material in the universe is dried egg yolk. And one day, it will revolutionize the construction industry.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I hope your vision is recovering as your eyes are healing from your accident. Hopefully, the pain is also subsiding.

    When I was a kid my parents used to like eating soft boiled eggs for breakfast. I hated them and still do today. There’s something about the consistency and image of the mixed up yokes and whites that turns me off to them. I do however like fried eggs over easy. I like to dip my toast into the yolks and to try to keep the whites separated on my plate. 🙂

    I also detest egg salad. When I was a teenager I rode the Greyhound bus from El Paso to Dallas, 18 hours, and ate an egg salad sandwich at a stop in Sweetwater Texas. The rest of the trip was miserable because the egg salad must have been bad. I can’t even think about egg salad to this day without getting nauseous. 🙁 However, I do occasionally like deviled eggs. Don’t try to figure it out, because I can’t either.

    It’s been cloudy and humid all morning with a predicted high of only 86°. There’s an 80% chance of scattered thunderstorms later today as the cold front has passed us by and has stalled. Yesterday, held the record for the hottest temperature ever recorded at DFW airport of 113°. Today, Portland Oregon may hit that as an all time high temperature. Who, says global warming is a hoax?

    Mentioning hoaxes, Bill Barr (Trump’s last AG) admitted to The Atlantic magazine in an article over the weekend that Trump’s claims of election fraud is and was just BS. Trump is working on the same theory as Joseph Goebbels did, “If you tell a lie often enough everyone will begin to belive it”.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      My eye feels best during the day for some odd reason. It hurts at night, but it is getting so much better. Only the corner ion my eye is still painful.

      My mother used to make soft boiled eggs for us on cold school mornings. She served them in Fanny Farmer chicken egg cups with toast cut into strips for dunking. When I bought my house, she brought down those egg cups. The beaks are gone in a couple, but that doesn’t matter. It is the memories.

      I’m not a fan of egg salad, but I’d eat it if it were offered me for lunch by someone. It tastes acceptable with cut celery and lettuce. I’d never buy egg salad anywhere not knowing when it was made. I like deviled eggs too.

      It got to 83˚ today but it is cooler, all the way down to 80˚ now. Boston got to 103˚, and it will be near 100˚ there for the next two days. No rain is predicted until maybe next weekend. The heat os here!

      Bill Barr all of a sudden seems to have found God; hence, his telling the truth, but I doubt the Trumpers will believe him. Trumps first speech was a repeat of his old hits, his old lies. The silly ass crowd ate it up even to shouting,”Lock her up.”

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I’d rather have French toast than pancakes any day. But I do make an oven pancake that’s pretty good. It’s like a Dutch Baby but savory instead of sweet. Mine has cheese, pickled jalapeños, black olives, and scallions. Put salsa on it and it’s perfect.
    Fried eggs over easy are a big favorite. I usually poke the yolk with crispy bacon and eat that first. Whatever is left of the yolk is spread across the egg and the whole thing goes onto my toast or English muffin. Yum. The dogs are always disappointed with that because they only get some of the toast crust.
    Hard boiled eggs are fine. Soft boiled are good, too, if there are toast soldiers or bacon strips to go with them.
    Egg salad is evil even without the bus trip to Dallas. 😛

    It’s hot up here. There is a breeze but it’s like wind from the oven door unless one is in a deeply shaded area. I have to keep topping up the bird water even though it is in the shade.
    Enjoy the day. I hope the horse laugh lady quiets down.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I love French toast with bacon on the side. When I go out for breakfast, I ordered that or eggs Bennie. It sounds as if I’d like your pancake, your sort of pancake, but without the olives. I also like English muffins with my eggs. My dogs are often disappointment they don’t the best, only what’s left.

      I have six hard boiled eggs ready for eating in the fridge. I found with a little salt and pepper added they make great snacks.

      My AC has been blasting a good part of the day. The house is even a bit chilly. I love it as do the dogs. Henry always comes inside with his tongue lolling. Both of them are sleeping in the cool air.

      We didn’t get as hot as you did. We have yet to break 90˚ down here, all thanks to the ocean.

      I have the window which faces the stable down.

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