“Where his eyes should’ve been, there was only fire, empty sockets glowing with miniature nuclear explosions.”

I am writing this on Wednesday night because the electric company will be working on my street tomorrow and will turn off the electricity somewhere between nine and one, my blog time. I could wake up really early and write it, but I enjoy sleeping and hate the intrusion of an alarm. Even the dogs jump when one goes off.

I do have a new story. Last night, that would be Tuesday, I was out with the dogs. Nala was being Nala and trying to get under the wire fence protecting the strawberries, or rather where the empty strawberry plants are, so I went to Nala and the fence in the dark and bent down to close it. I couldn’t see so I missed the upended tomato cage on the fence post when I bent down. One spike hit my eye. It hurt enough that I sat on the ground and put my hand over my eye and moaned for a while, a longish while. After the pain had subsided a bit, I got up and went inside. This morning my eye was really painful. There was blood on the eyelid and below the eye. I went to my uke lesson anyway but left half-way through. I called my ophthalmologist and was told to come on over. By then my eye was bloodshot and a black and blue had appeared in the corner by my eye. Come to find out I had lacerations on the left side and a puncture on the right. I was given an antibiotic, told to use cold compresses, and that it would take a few days to heal. It is painful and ugly and more, but I’ll leave out the graphic details. I have decided that Nala can now dig to China, and I will not interfere.

Friends are coming to dinner on Thursday. I have chosen the menu, written the shopping list and finished my flow chart, but after the eye fiasco, I decided I would just do the appetizer, a charcuterie board, but have the rest of the dinner delivered. I won’t tell my friends until they arrive as they would insist on postponement. I can be a wonderful hostess. I just can’t roll my eye or look sharply left or right.

When I was a really little kid, I fractured my wrist jumping off a fence backwards. I do remember the fence, a wire fence gate, and the cast, but I don’t remember the fall. Once I fell off a ladder when washing windows and broke a bone in my elbow. That was 25+ years ago. Since then, I have been lucky when I fall. Knock on wood!!

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  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I’m so sorry to hear of your eye injury. Hopefully it heals quickly. I’m the world’s biggest klutz and as I age I try to be extra careful. At least the electric power will be off in the morning which shouldn’t be too uncomfortable. I fell off a jungle Jim in the third grade which resulted in a compound fracture of my left wrist. That was more than 25 years ago. 🙂

    When it rains it pours. Just when I thought we would be through with workman coming to the house, up popped a new issue. When I bought the house the inspector noticed that the air conditioning water over flow drain was bypassing the normal drain and dripping water onto the side of the house. Over time this had rotted the outside window sill in the breakfast room. Obviously, this was a problem and they had disconnected the normal drain to the overflow outside drain. I had the previous owners reconnect the main drain which is located under the hall bathroom sink.

    Last night the bathroom sink was full of water containing pieces of what looks like insulation. This clogged up the bathroom sink drain. I called a plumber this morning who will hopefully come today and unclog the bathroom sink drain. Then, I have to get an air conditioning person to come out to figure out why the AC drain is getting clogged. No wonder they had someone rig up the AC drainage to bypass the normal system.

    The previous owners had crosses everywhere in the house and stickers on the walls about giving thanks to god daily. That’s fine and dandy, but then withholding known issues on a real estate disclosure form is not legal and obviously immoral. I assume that they felt that they could be good Christians except when it comes to anything that might cost them money. 🙁

    Sunny and hot again today. It’s summertime in Texas. 🙂

    • Bob Says:

      The plumbers came, fixed the clogged drain and checked the drip pan for the AC and said there were no problems. Suggested putting citrus drain cleaner down the sink where the AC drain is located quarterly. Found another good local company. Hopefully, this will be the last issue for a while. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,

      The electricity never did go off. I don’t know why. The day was perfectly lovely and cool. I was 4 when I broke my wrist.

      I hate when things go wrong. I am always afraid it will cost me an arm and a leg. With the fridge, I was lucky as it cost very little. Most everything else seems to be working just fine. Knock on wood! My stove is getting up there in age. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

      Did you have an inspector check the house before you bought it? I know many house buyers have chosen to forego inspection just to get the house as there are so few for sale now. I would be afraid things slipped through which could use attention.\

      I find that some Christians don’t equate honesty with doing what’s right. Making a buck seems to trump so many other choices

      • Bob Says:

        Yes, I bought it and had it inspected last year before the great housing rush got started. I agree about using local repair people.

        When it comes to religious people and morals, think about the billionaire televangelists. 🙁

  2. Christer. Says:

    Good thing You still have Your eye left! I’m glad that nothing worse happened even though this is bad enough! I’ve done similar things in my life but mostlyt I’ve only hit my forehead 🙂 🙂

    Really nice day here and today I got my second corona shot 🙂 So now I’m waiting for all the side effects. Those at work who had their second shot became rather ill and had to stay at home from work so with my luck I’ll be sick the entire long weekend 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day and take care of that eye!

    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      My eye still hurts. I can’t look down though up is just fine. I need to go to bed early to rest my eye.

      I’m glad you got your second shot. That will make life so much easier.Neither of my sisters had an adverse effect from their second shots. I only had the J&Jone shot and had no reactions.

      Take care!! I hope you feel just fine after there second shot.

  3. Birgit Says:

    Ouch. Good luck and get well soon!
    I hurt my left eyeball as a kid once. It was the screwdriver’s fault 😉 I didn’t dare to call for help and hid it at home but they later noticed at school. Well, as you know it’s not easy to hide a red bloody eye…
    I’ll probably get my first shot on Saturday. Hooray!

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Birgit!

      Hooray on getting your first shot.It is quite a relief to be immune!

      My eye is still ugly at best. It hurts and oozes. I like sleeping as it feels so much better when I wake up!

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