Wild Is The Wind: Johnny Mathis

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4 Comments on “Wild Is The Wind: Johnny Mathis”

  1. Mark Anderson Says:

    How about this favorite from my childhood (love the french horn, too):

    • katry Says:

      I know this Gogi Grant recording is better known than the Mathis. I also like Nina Simone’s version.

      When I checked Coffee, I found I had played this a couple of times but way back. I hadn’t ever posted the Mathis.

  2. Rowen Says:

    I hadn’t heard this recording. Completely different from the others I know and love, which I appreciate nonetheless. And it seems sort of different for Mathis too, which is kinda neat. And a good video.

    • katry Says:

      I always spend time choosing my songs and doing a bit of exploration. I found that this is the original recording. It was for a movie, Wild Is the Wind from 1957. It was nominated for best song and Mathis sang it at the Academy Awards. It didn’t win.

      I thought this video was perfect.

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