“A mask you ask? Optional I find! Masks lend appeal of a mysterious kind.”

Today is sweatshirt weather despite the sun. Every now and then the breeze is almost a wind. It is 59˚ and will get colder, down to 47˚ tonight. The sun will disappear. Rain is predicted for tonight and the rest of the weekend. Today I start staying home until Monday except for a dump run, probably on Sunday. The cape will be inundated with tourists for the long weekend. Everything is booked. Even my absent neighbors who live in New York are down for the weekend.

Today I’m going to finish a task which has been on my to-do list the longest, sort through my vinyl. I know there are some I bought when I was in high school and college. Now that I have a turntable I want to hear my records again.

When I was a kid, my mother had a hifi. It was her prize possession. She used it all the time. I remember it was brown, and my father bought it for her when he got a bonus at work. She kept her pile of records beside it. I remember a Frank Sinatra or maybe a couple of Frank Sinatra’s. She was a fan. My mother transitioned to cassettes when she a got a cassette recorder for Christmas one year. We bought her the same albums she had on vinyl, but my mother didn’t stop there. She was given a CD player. Her Christmas presents were not a secret that year.

The deck lights are up, set 4 or 5. I’ve lost track. Last night I didn’t need the back door light, and neither did Henry. The small white lights strung down the bannister cast plenty of light. I did a bit of research before I put them outside. Into Google went my request for what will deter spawns of Satan though I did have to call them squirrels for the hunt. Peppermint oil was the answer, a great answer. I could use a natural deterrent. The spawns hate the scent of the peppermint. I ordered from Amazon and had it the next day. The scent of the peppermint was almost delicious as I sprayed the wires up and down. I’m going to use apple cider vinegar from a spray bottle on the feeders and the deck rail. Spawns hate it and it is safe for birds, the peppermint isn’t. I learned a lot.

Most places will not demand masks starting tomorrow. The covid orders have been rescinded here. It has been a long run.

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8 Comments on ““A mask you ask? Optional I find! Masks lend appeal of a mysterious kind.””

  1. Christer. Says:

    I didn’t know that about peppermint but then again I have no problems what so ever with our shy squirrels 🙂

    Really nice wetaher here today, just enough warm and sunshine. It’ll stay like this the entire weekend they guess but a bit warmer than today.

    No need for lights here any longer. The sun is up before me and goes down after I’ve gone to bed, all parts of my cottage is now hit by sunlight some time during the day, I do like summer that way 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      My spawns are evil creatures. They have destroyed a couple of bird feeders and ate a window box on the deck rail. I hope the peppermint oil helps.

      It will rain through Monday. That’s too bad as this is a long weekend.

      We always need lights at some point. It is around 6 or 6:30 now. Days never get as long as yours here.

      Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    The long weekend is ahead and the weather is not cooperating. Today the sky is cloudy with a high temperature of maybe 80°. It’s not conducive to swimming and more rain is in the forecast for the next ten days.

    I have both my and my father’s collection of vinyl records and no record player. Most of the music I have found digitally on the internet and I’m not interested in investing in a turntable or record player. When my son was seven or eight years old. He called the records, “Black CDs”. Now CDs are becoming a thing of the past. Even the idea of owning music is outdated.

    Our Republican Governor rescinded all of the Covid-19 orders for masks, social distancing and limited patronage of restaurants and bars back in the middle of March. Surprisingly, the numbers of Covid cases and deaths have remained very low. Hopefully, we are reaching the light at the end of this dark tunnel. And, I hope that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train barring down upon us. 🙂

    My house has lighting in the front yard in the shrubs, trees and walkway as well as in the backyard around the pool. The previous owner had them running on a light sensor which kept them on all night. I have turned them off to save electricity but I may turn on the ones around the pool for the summer.

    When we lived in our house in far North Dallas, near Addison Airport, the Cavanaugh Flight museum would send up formations of WWII aircraft which would fly over our house and around the airport to celebrate the holiday. The sound of a P-51 Mustang’s V-12 engine, or a C47 or B25’s radial engines always brought back memories from my youth of the sounds of piston driven airplanes. This was in the 1950s before the advent of jet airliners.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Today it was 55˚ most of the day. The sun was here for only a little while then the clouds rolled on in. The rain will start tonight and stay through to Monday. I don’t know what all those tourists are going to do in the rain.

      I like the sound of records, and I like that many have been re-released and there are even no albums. Turntables are really cheap. Mine looks like an old bakelite radio. There are a couple of old record stores here on the cape, and I like to go through the stacks.

      I do love lights on at night especially here as my street is so dark. Another house up the street has white lights on their fence. I have two flood lights off each end of the deck. They come on when the dog goes into the yard and triggers them.

      That had to have been so cool. I haven’t ever seen one fly, but I did tour one WWII plane that had been refurbished. I was surprised how small the spaces were for the men. It was so very interesting.

  3. Hedley Says:

    The heating went back on. The never ending rain, the wind and wind chills in the 30s. A couple of days ago it was in the 80s.

    There is nothing better than a new toy. I was looking for an outdoor Bluetooth speaker so I could annoy the neighbors. Up popped a new speaker from Bang & Olufsen called Beosound Explore. My friendly store in Cincinnati shipped it up over night and I have been playing with it all afternoon. For $200 it is very rugged , water proof and dust proof. It delivers a clear base driven sound and a lot of volume. My renewed interest in Tangerine Dream combined with the new St Vincent “Daddy’s Home” should ruin the long weekend

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Your weather is headed this way. The rain has started in Boston, and we’re next. My heat is off, and I hope it will stay off.

      You are right about new toys. Your newest does sound like such fun. I hope your weather clears and gets warm enough for you to enjoy the outside flooded with music.

  4. Birgit Says:

    Am I the only one here that isn’t vaccinated yet?
    No chance to even get a date for the first shot. It looks like mid-June about half of the population including me can try to get a date for a first vaccination this year. Internet and phone lines will break down. It’s badly organized and we still don’t have enough vaccine. Corona rules change every week and differ from state to state, from town to town and sometimes from street to street. Also national elections in fall and as you know a pandemic and a Trump-like election campaign don’t go well together. Maybe you heard me yelling loudly when our chancellor implied that we are not strong enough if we are still careful and worry about our health. Commercial profit over health. Needless to say I am still careful and I still wear a mask.
    Good news, spring is finally back 🙂

    • katry Says:

      I suspect you are the only one. I got my vaccination a couple of months ago. Everyone I know, every adult, has been vaccinated. Kids 12 and older can get it now. 65% of the state has been vaccinated. President Biden made promises about the number of vaccinations which he kept and even earlier than he had expected.

      There are still people here who don’t believe there is even a virus. Many others refuse to be vaccinated. My favorite was a clip where people claimed there were nanobots in the virus. The clip showed a guy putting a small magnet on his arm, and it stuck on the spot of his vaccination. A woman had some detector which she put on her arm to prove there was metal.

      The rules here differed from state to state. Massachusetts was conservative. Florida opened up quickly. At first there wasn’t enough vaccine but the companies rammed up and there was plenty.

      Some places will still demand masks even after the requirement to wear them is lifted.

      I hope it works out for you sooner than you think.

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