“Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child’s eye – it is very beautiful.”

Every day is beautiful. I wake up to sun and blue sky. Henry goes out, and I follow him to the deck and stand in the sun and the warmth. It will be a hot day, a still day, in the mid 70’s, but tonight it will drop to the 50’s and usher in a bit of cold weather. It rained during the night, not much though. I knew it rained only because I could see where the drops fell in the pollen. They made sort of a weird design on the deck.

Being alone so much has been getting to me. My patience is on the short end. Henry hides upstairs. He is tired of listening to me. Jack just sleeps. I tell both of them everything much to their dismay. They even look bored. I do miss people and conversation.

When I was a kid, I loved walking to school on days like today. The mornings still had a bit of chill but not so much we needed sweaters though my mother insisted. The walk was easy. It was down the hill, around the field then a straightaway to school. We’d hang in the schoolyard until a nun came outside and rang the bell. It was a hand bell in those days. We’d run and get into our lines grade by grade. Nuns needed order. In the classrooms there were usually at least 40 of us. Despite that, it was quiet. No one dared talk and bring down the wrath of the nun in front of the room who, despite her wimple, saw everything. Nuns were endowed with superhuman powers.

Cheeseburgers are on my top ten list of foods. I sometimes add tomatoes but not lettuce. I like mayo on my burgers. The cheese changes. Lately it has been Monterey Jack. Hot dogs are my go to food when I haven’t wanted to cook anything which isn’t quick and easy. I actually ate a salad the other day, one which came prepared. My system had no idea what it was. Even Henry, the chow hound, turned up his nose. He is more of a fruit fan.

I have to go out today for the third time this week. That is a record for me.

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6 Comments on ““Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child’s eye – it is very beautiful.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today we got a short respite from the rain. Tonight the rain returns with chances every day throughout next week for more precipitation. My lawn guys did a fabulous job cleaning out all the weeds and god knows what else was growing in my beds. The black mulch looks terrific and he assures me that the weeds will remain at bay.

    I took today off to get a couple of errands done before the holiday rush. My tires needed rotation and rebalanced. Also, my state inspection sticker is due next month. The one great thing about working at the same company for 30 years is that I get four weeks annual vacation. I suspect this year Memorial Day weekend will be crowded everywhere as people want to get out and do something. We’re now 50% vaccinated in this country and the mask mandates are going away. Hopefully, the other half will figure out that getting vaccinated is a good thing.

    When I was a kid in NYC in junior high school, I walked to school daily even though I had a bus pass. It wasn’t that far and the city busses were crowded in the morning. Walking alone allowed for me to think about my day on the way to school. In the afternoons, I would walk home with my two friends and we would take the specific route while discussing subjects that few other kids our age even thought about. We talked about classical music and jazz, formula 1 automobile racing and our stereo systems. Eventually, I discovered girls. 🙂

    The Dallas Independent School District was very lax compared to the New York City School System of the early 1960s. In those days junior high teachers had to have BA or BS degrees but to teach high school required a master’s degree. Many of my eighth and ninth grade teachers were working on their advanced degrees to be able to teach high school. The school system was very strict. In NYC you had to wear slacks and a tie everyday instead of a tee shirt and jeans that I wore in Dallas. Also, dress shoes and not tennis shoes were also required. That’s when I learned the terms dungarees and sneakers.

    Back then they had real standards and I thank those teachers who worked with me to catch me up and who taught me how to study. If it weren’t for them I might have wound up a plumber and be retired on my millions of dollars that my company earned unplugging other people’s drains. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I am still hoping for rain. They got quite a bit in Boston as the Sox game was in rain delay for quite a while, but I think it will be our turn tomorrow. I know you often have dry summers so I’m glad for your rain though I wish it were my rain. The gardens do look wonderful after the spring cleaning.

      Massachusetts is one of the top states in the % of people who have been vaccinated. That is all the more remarkable because we were among the worst in the beginning. Governor Baker who usually has the highest approval rate despite him being a republican got skewered over his poor handling of the vaccinations sites. That spurred him into action.

      Good luck for anyone looking for cottages down here this summer and even hotels and motels are booked. Last weekend, a regular old weekend, had a line to go over the bridge on Sunday. That is an early start to tourist season, but they want out of their houses.

      I wore a uniform every day both to elementary and high school. I don’t know what the public school dress code was in my day because I didn’t know anyone in public school. I had nuns, and they all had degrees. Dungarees and sneakers were play clothes.

      I was always happy with my choice of working in schools.

      • Bob Says:

        Obviously, I was joking about going into plumbing. In this country we’ve made a terrible mistake by telling kids that they have to go to college to make a good living. All that has done is create a shortage of people in the trades. Plumbers, electricians and HVAC work is going begging. Today, one can get a four year degree in aviation maintenance from Universities like Emory Riddle. That’s an airplane mechanic degree. 🤔

      • katry Says:

        I knew you were joking. I was just happy I found my place. I was going to go to law school when I got home from Ghana, but I found I loved teaching. My friend Shane, a former student who is now a grandfather, is an electrician, and he just left here after fixing a couple of light problems. Good to know an electrician.

      • Bob Says:

        Or a plumber. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        I also have a former student who is a plumber. I think I have everything covered.

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