“But the thing about remembering is that you don’t forget.”

We are well into spring. I’m being definitive. The weather is finally consistently warm. Today will reach 70˚. I have opened windows on both floors. It is time to blow away the dust. It is time to embrace the warmth of spring, to let the fresh air into the house. I’m thinking flower shopping this week. A few warm days does that to me, has me dreaming.

I have given up on deck lights. The newest set is dead. It lasted a couple of weeks. I haven’t done the autopsy yet, but I’m guessing the wire has been bitten in half somewhere along the strand. Those lights have been replaced so many times I’ve lost count. I do have one more set, but I’ll hold on a bit longer. The only complication is Henry won’t go out the dog door at night without lights. Brave boy!

When I lived in Ghana, I ate just about the same thing every day. In the morning it was eggs over easy and toast, sugar bread toast slathered in margarine. Usually I had a couple of cups of coffee then another cup or two between classes. Lunch was fresh fruit, the usual fruits like oranges, pineapples, bananas, pawpaw and mango. Dinner was beef more often than chicken. I bought the beef already cut. The chickens were still alive. The meat market where I bought my beef was gross, but I remember that mostly in hindsight. Most things went unnoticed. It was just life in Ghana.

Each time I’ve gone to Ghana, my joy at being back overwhelms me. I love the sounds of the different languages. The air is redolent and filled with the smell of thick greenery and of charcoal burning. Roasting plantain can be bought along the roadside. The oranges are sweet. I roam the markets, eat street food, bargain for taxi rides and enjoy jollof rice almost every dinner. Everything is familiar. I had preserved well my memories. Just before I left Ghana and Peace Corps, I knew I needed to remember everything. I wanted the colors, the tastes and the sounds to be a part of me always. I kept the Ghanaians close too my heart for all those years away. I want one more trip.

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4 Comments on ““But the thing about remembering is that you don’t forget.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today is a party cloudy and beautiful day with a high predicted of 82°. It’s a day for hamburgers on the grill for lunch and swimming for my kids and spouse. Beginning tomorrow they are predicting widespread rain and thunderstorms for the next eight or nine days. Our weather can go from a draught to flash floods in less than a week. It’s Texas, and the weather can change by the minute. Soon enough we will be in the grip of the summer heat and will long for these moderate days of spring.

    You’re lucky to have such vivid memories as well as friends from your experiences in the Peace Corps. Those memories will stay with you forever.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      When you share an experience like Peace Corps, you don’t ever forget the people and the places.

      We also had a lovely day today. It stayed around 70˚ all day and is still warm. A few clouds have appeared but no rain is predicted. We always could use more rain.

  2. Tracey Gibons Says:

    Do not. Do not. Give up on your deck lights.

    They add so much to the warm/hot\dark evenings of summer.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Tracey!!

      I needed to hear that. I do have another set as I actually bought two the last time expecting the spawns to attack the first set. I love the lights, and Henry needs the lights. I will put them back and then order more from Amazon. Queen of the lights they’ll call me.

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