“Memory is the treasure house of the mind wherein the monuments thereof are kept and preserved.”

Yesterday was a delight. The weather was so beautiful I was happy to be out and about. My appointment was in Hyannis. I went the Mid-Cape to get there and then decided to go Route 28 home. It is the long way but the most interesting way. When I was a kid, Route 28 was dark in winter because nearly all the motels and restaurants closed for the season. In January Route 28 was a ghost town of sorts. Here and there were open grocery stores and a couple of restaurants, but the rest were dark. Yesterday I remembered.

The Mill Hill Club was on the corner across the street from the roller skating rink. Both buildings are still there but only the rink is recognizable. Just a bit down the street I passed where the Dairy Queen used to be near the A&W which is also gone. One corner further down used to be Chez Lenor bridal shop. The upper floor was a giant window with mannequins formally dressed. The rumor was the shop was actually a brothel, and the mannequins were the key. One mannequin in the window would face forward or backward to signal whether the brothel was open for business. Now it is an empty track of land with an orphaned parking lot, a stretch of grass and an urban legend.

I passed a neat building which looks Polynesian. It was once a popular gift shop called The Barefoot Trader. When people came down to visit my parents, this store was on my mother’s shop tour. After that it became a Bass shoe outlet. I shopped there. It is now the Ability Farm thrift store.

One strip of stores in West Yarmouth is mostly empty. Only a Thai restaurant is left. The buildings are wooden and quite old and are looking shabby. There used to be a drug store, a grocery store and a bakery where I always stopped if I was in the neighborhood. I think there was once a paint store but I’m not sure. This strip mall has a dubious future.

I passed Jerry’s Seafood restaurant. It looks exactly as it did when I was in high school. Jerry was around then and was prone to yelling. I stopped there for lunch a few months ago. I ordered shrimp with fries and onion rings, always with onion rings. Jerry’s are the thin sort, my favorite sort.

I jumped off 28 just passed the liquor store for the back road. That store too has been around a long while. The back road takes me near where my family used to live. Every now and then I go pass our house for the memories.

Today is a rainy day. I’m happy with the rain.

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4 Comments on ““Memory is the treasure house of the mind wherein the monuments thereof are kept and preserved.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Last night we had a supercell thunderstorm race across northern Tarrant county dropping baseball size hail and with rotating clouds obscured by the heavy rain and hail. We were prepared for a tornado. Fortunately, the cell moved slightly north of us and dumped hail on them and broke car rear windows, windshields and damaged roofs. Living through one tornado in one lifetime is enough. 🙁

    Today is cloudy with more rain in the forecast as well as temperatures in the low 70° range. We need the rain to catch up for the year.

    During the lockdown last year, we drove around the DFW area looking at towns and neighborhoods we hadn’t been too in many years. I was surprised at how some neighborhoods had changed and how others hadn’t changed at all.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I can’t remember the last time we had hail, and we’ve never had damaging hail. We got rain today, but it is gentle rain. Even Henry didn’t mind going out. Every thing is so wet, but it will stay above freezing tonight and will be warm tomorrow with scattered showers.

      We have had a dry spring so the rain is welcomed. We didn’t have all that much snow so the state is dry.

      The cape has changed unbelievably. So many old buildings are gone, but there is one saving grace as some places opened in the old buildings after they have been renovated. Still, I was amazed at what was gone.

  2. Birgit Says:

    Finally a few raindrops today, it’s already too dry like the years before. Well, at least we got good news, a high constitutional court ordered that our government has to improve its climate plans in favor of younger generations.

    We also had a blast from the past in town today, another WW II remnant was found downtown, about 5000 people were evacuated and the station was closed down. It’s defused now and everyone can return home. This time I wasn’t affected and I’m glad I could stay at home, it’s quite cold and the virus still rages.

    • katry Says:

      It is raining on and off now. Tomorrow we’ll have scattered showers but it will be warmish. We also need the rain. There wasn’t enough snow, and the spring has been a dry one.

      That is amazing. I never think about all those bombs which didn’t detonate. That’s a nasty surprise to find.

      Things are opening up here as the virus count goes down, but it seems that within a short while the count goes up again. Now we are running into idiots who won’t take the shot. Here in Massachusetts you don’t need an appointment as many shots are waiting for arms. I don’t get why people would risk their own lives and the lives of others.

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