“Something in the air this morning made me feel like flying. . . “

This morning is glorious. The sun is brighter and the blue sky deeper than yesterday’s. It is already 62˚and will get as high as 68˚. I’m figuring on some deck time in a bit. I’m got a good book I’m half-way through so I’ll sit in the quiet of the backyard and read. What a delightful day!

Yesterday I sliced my finger with the dog food top. It took four band-aids then one more. This morning I removed those band-aids. They were stuck to my finger. I yelped when I pulled them off then I ran for tissue paper to put around my finger. It is an ugly cut.

The other day I went for a short ride. I saw spring. I saw forsythias blooming. Most formed walls on the edges of gardens. Tulips and dafs were in groups by color. I went slowly so as not to miss the world around me. A couple of times I turned in somewhere to let the car behind me go in front. I didn’t want to be like a tourist. I rode around for close to an hour down cape then back up. Henry was glad to see me when I got home.

Speaking of Henry, he let me cut his nails the other day. He was quite patient and didn’t pull any of his paws back. I just cut the tips. He no longer tap dances.

My dance card for this weekend is empty. I could make a run to Agway’s for pet treats and maybe even some hearty garden flowers. I’m a sucker for flowers, but I’m thinking the deck is calling me, metaphorical.

When I was a kid, I loved spring. The mornings always smelled good. They were cool but the sort of cool that disappeared as the day went on. Everything was green but lots of different greens. The only layer left was my spring jacket and maybe a sweater underneath. My mother didn’t force me to wear a hat. I had hands instead of mittens. Sometimes I even skipped to school. I loved recess, but my favorite part of the day was walking home, hurrying home so I could have more time outside to play in the growing warmth of spring, much more time before supper.

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6 Comments on ““Something in the air this morning made me feel like flying. . . “”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    After the rain and thunderstorms yesterday, today the sky is blue and it’s 64° now and looking for a high of 70°. It’s a perfect day to go for a drive, I just have to figure out in which direction to depart.

    Sorry about your finger. I hate cuts on sharp metal. We always fed our dogs the dry kibble that comes in a bag. It’s hard to cut yourself when opening a paper bag, but I can probably figure out how to do it. 🙂 I’m a klutz.

    Last week my pool guy replaced my old pool sweep with a new one. The old one acted like I do and only moved reluctantly. This new one sometimes gets stuck in one corner of the pool and I have to use the pole with the netting to redirect it. However, the water is sparkly clean as it slowly moves around and sucks up any small debris in the water. I’ve discovered that a swimming pool is a hole in the backyard that you toss money into. 🙂 However, my better half wanted one, so I caved and decided to make her happy. Our previous house and our condominium had community pools and for a small annual fee someone else took care of it. 🙂

    The real estate market here is white hot. A house around the corner similar to mine came on the market last week and was sold in one day. Homeowners are taking bids on their homes and are getting offers that are thousands of dollars higher than the asking price. There’s a huge shortage of houses and new construction has been slowed by the pandemic and by shortages in building materials. Last night on the news, they said that just the lumber to build an average house costs over $24,000. They didn’t say what was the percentage of increase. Of course, the down side is that the assessed value of the house is going to increase and raise our property tax. 🙁

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I did that ride yesterday which was also a lovely day. My choices are up or down cape. I can also cut across from one side to the other. Cape Cod isn’t really all the big.

      I’m thinking you survived without even a paper cut. My finger started needling again a couple of times today. It is really sore.

      My friend has a pool. At one point she just didn’t heave the money so we did the clean-up ourselves including the chemicals. We had the clearest pool ever. Now she hires someone. One of my friends had he poo filled with dirt and landscaped over where it had been. She thought it too expensive for the little use it got.

      It is the same here as well as huge parts of the country. The number of people looking for a house far exceeds the number of houses available. People are offering all sorts of perks to get the house they want including foregoing the inspection. That’s a mistake. Cars now cost more money than my house did when I bought it.

      • Bob Says:

        I could probably learn how to keep it clean and take care of the chemicals, but then I would have no one to blame when it got messed up. Some days in May it’s warm enough to go in the pool but the water is too cold for me. I don’t go in until around July 4th.

      • katry Says:

        Believe me, my friend would have hired someone back then if she had the money.

  2. Rowen Says:

    Sorry to hear about your cut. What a nuisance.

    Do you remember any of the word games in Ghana? I like the idea of something that needs only paper and pen.

    • katry Says:

      Sorry, Rowen, but we played word and puzzle games from here. The game we enjoyed the most was first you print the letters of the alphabet along one side of the edge. Next take a sentence from anything and write one letter from the sentence beside the alphabet. Like A (first letter on the side) and L (pretend choice). Next you have to name someone with those initials. For the first one write in Abraham Lincoln then go down from there.

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