“All I’m thinking about today is cleaning my bathroom.”

The sun is shining now and then amid the clouds. It is chilly because of the wind. I can see the top most branches swaying. Yesterday the rest of the state had rain or snow. We had a cloudy day. I did the odd clean-up and organizing again. Last night my new deck lights did not light. I checked for chewed sections and found none. The lights just died. I added solar lights to a tree yesterday, but they didn’t light either. I am doomed to darkness.

This week has been quiet. I haven’t even been out beyond the yard. Groceries were delivered yesterday, mostly all my fruit and produce. The fridge and freezer are filled. I had a cheeseburger last night. That may not sound like much, but I can’t remember the last time I cooked anything. I topped the burger with pepper Jack cheese. I had no rolls so I used a toasted bagel. It was an odd set-up, but it was delicious.

When I was a kid, my father wasn’t usually home in time for supper. He worked a long day. I remember him coming in the door wearing his black top coat and his fedora. He always wore a suit and starched white shirts. His shoes were black: every pair he ever wore to work was black. My father was a salesman. He worked for the J. P. Manning Company and sold tobacco and sundries. When I was older, he worked for Hood Ice Cream. He became a manager quickly. My father was an amazing salesman.

My mother always read to me when I was little. I’d sit on her lap as she read. First were the Golden Books. On every new page, she’d point to the pictures and ask me what they were. She told me I always knew. I have some old Golden Books, mostly Christmas books. One is the story of the Nativity, and the rest have Christmas carols. Last year I bought new Golden Books as Christmas presents for my niece and sisters. They were the story of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I also bought a book about NASA and gave it to my grandniece who was thrilled. I didn’t know they still made Golden Books. I just bought another one for my sister. I’m always on the lookout for neat Christmas presents.

My plans for today are simple. I’ll brush my teeth, read a while, a Clive Cussler I bought at the used book store, and eat another burger for lunch; however, I’m still suffering from the spring cleaning bug. I’ll have to walk around with eyes closed so I don’t notice anything.

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