“I have only to break into the tightness of a strawberry, and I see summer – its dust and lowering skies.”

Today is spring. It is sunny and warm and may reach 60˚. The sky is a darker blue than yesterday’s. The air is still. It is a quiet morning. I watched the birds at the feeders this morning from the kitchen window. The first in were the goldfinches, males with their bright yellow chests. They settled on sunflower seeds. The chickadees arrived next and chose the mixed seed feeder. They zoomed in, grabbed a seed and zoomed out to a nearby branch to dine. My to-do list includes outside tasks. I want sun and warmth.

Last night, around eleven, Henry went out. I followed him and stood on the deck for a while. All of a sudden, I heard turkey gobbles, loud gobbles from more than one turkey. The sound came from the direction of the road. I could hear the turkeys were moving away, up the street, as their gobbles got fainter. Lots of turkeys roam the neighborhood. There is a small pond beyond the end of the street. The turkeys usually roost at night on tree branches around the pond. I guess they were enjoying an evening constitutional.

I strung the outside lights yesterday. This strand is longer than the last three victims of the spawns. Henry didn’t need the backdoor light to go out. The strand of white lights goes all the way down the banister and across one side of the big gate on the driveway.

When I was a kid, our plates were melmac. That insured that dropped plates would clatter, not break, when they hit the floor. We also had a set of indestructible aluminum glasses with a matching pitcher. We had a few glass glasses which once held jelly and some other glasses which held shrimp in cocktail sauce. They hit the floor hard. On one visit my mother brought me a couple of jelly glasses. She brought me memories. I am quite careful with those glasses. My tile floor is unyielding.

I have a small garden below the deck. Last year I planted strawberry plants. They have multiplied. One clump is tall and thick. Last year I did get a few berries or rather the birds or the spawns got a few berries. This year, when I see blossoms, I’m going to cover the plants in cheesecloth. I’m hoping they’ll be enough for a couple of strawberry shortcakes. I make cream of tartar biscuits instead of sponge cake. They were my father’s favorites, and they were what my mother always made. I think of them as family tradition.

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