The Ballad of Chicken Soup: Carole King

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4 Comments on “The Ballad of Chicken Soup: Carole King”

  1. Bob Says:

    When my grandmother made a pot of chicken soup she got a large chicken from the butcher and I remember it containing the chicken’s feet and other parts like the neck and the gizzards. She would skim off the fat that would rise to the top of the pot. It contained various soup greens and carrots. This was the stuff that could cure what ailed you. She would put in noodles, or matzoh balls or meat dumplings. Nothing could compare to her dish. We also got to eat the meat from the chicken.

    • katry Says:

      Thomas, who worked for me in Ghana, killed my chickens for me. I could pluck but not kill them. He used their heads and feet to make soup. They didn’t look all that appetizing. I don’t think he took out the heart, neck and gizzards. The must have cooked with the chicken. I had no oven so I ate a lot of chicken soups and stews.

      I make a really good chicken and turkey soups.

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