“Do not adjust your sandals while passing through a melon-field, nor yet arrange your hat beneath an orange-tree.”

This morning is chilly and damp. It rained during the night. Today’s temperature will stay in the 40’s. Henry has his appointment today at 12:30. He’ll be scared after the car ride. I worry. Poor Henry.

Yesterday I decided not to notice the dust. That was more difficult than it sounds. You’d have thought the clumps of fur on the hall floor were flying tumbleweeds. Most of the fur is white, short white, Henry fur. The guest room is the home of Miss Gwen. When I go upstairs, I find clumps of long black hair, cat hair, on the hall rug and in the bathroom. Gwen roams upstairs. She never comes all the way downstairs. She does sit on the stairs at night and meows. The stairs are the dustiest of all.

When I was a kid, flip-flops were called thongs. I never wore them. I didn’t like anything between my toes. I don’t remember wearing sandals either. Sneakers, white sneakers, were my summer footwear of choice. Ghana was when I first wore sandals all the time. It was hot so I liked my feet in the open air. I still wear sandals but I also sometimes wear sneakers. Mine are red, pink or purple. I try to match my ensemble.

I see lots of old men wearing white or black socks with their sandals. I always want to ask them why wear sandals. They are useless with socks. They become shoes.

When I was a kid, Duke, our boxer, was a fierce dog when it came to protecting us and our house. I remember sometimes we’d be playing with my dad on the floor and howling. Duke, thinking we were being hurt, would put his jaw around my dad’s wrist. He never bit down. It was a warning. After my dad let go of us, Duke would remove his jaw. I was never afraid when Duke was around.

I bought some fireballs at the candy store. When I was a kid, I loved fireballs. I’d challenge myself to ignore the heat, but most times I’d lose and have to take the fireball out of my mouth. Nothing much has changed. I ate one yesterday, and it got hot, hotter than I remembered. I had to take it out of my mouth for a couple of minutes, but then I put it back and struggled through. When it was the smallest, I bit through it. I have one more fireball I’m saving for another day. The challenge stands.

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4 Comments on ““Do not adjust your sandals while passing through a melon-field, nor yet arrange your hat beneath an orange-tree.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I have some pictures taken of me at about one year old. They were taken at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and my mother dressed me up in shorts with sandals and socks. Jewish mother’s have to take extra precautions with their first baby to defeat any germs from getting closer than six feet from the baby. I’m surprised she let me out of the house below the age of six. 🙂

    I swore that regardless how long I lived nor where I lived, I would never wear sandals with any socks especially black ones. Nor, would I wear plaid pants with a white plastic belt and white plastic shoes. Miami Beach attire, circa 1970s. 🙁 “Honey, hurry up or we’ll miss the four o’clock early bird dinner special”. 🙂

    Today is cloudy and the high temperature might hit 85°. I took today off as a vacation day to celebrate both my 74th and my daughter’s 27th birthdays. It will be a wonderful day. She was born exactly 47 years after me in 1994.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I think that tiny toddlers look just fine in socks and sandals. They were quite fashionable when you and I were young. I suspect many mothers are guilty of being over-protective with their first borns. My brother came soon after me so my mother left me to my own devices.

      OMG, I do remember that horrible look which included white belts. My father, of all people, had an outfit like that when my parents went on their first cruise. His pants though weren’t plaid. I remember his best had a gold buckle.

      Today is a raw day, typical for this time of year. I went out twice and was cold by the time I got home. It will be a cold week.

      Happiest Birthdays to you and your daughter. That is amazing, sharing your birthday date. It is meant for a wonderful celebration.

  2. Christer. Says:

    Flipflops, practical but nasty at teh same time, I always had blisters between my toes the first weeks, bad days it bled as well but after a while they worked pretty well. I’ve always liked sandals though and the reason to wear sock in them is to nut have the souls sandblasted 🙂 🙂 That really hurts after a while. Well that’s not a problem when always walking on asphalt but here where we mostly have sand and no soil we knoe the problem 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Four inches of snow yesterday but it all melted away during the night 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      The sandals I wore in Africa were leather. The soles rotted quickly. I had them replaced at the shoe man in the market. He shaped and glued new soles from car tires. They lasted forever.

      My sandals have straps. I have flip-flops with a strap (not really but as close as I can come to describe it) across the middle. I like those sorts.

      Tonight, on the higher elevations in the western part of Massachusetts, there will be snow showers. It is in the low 40’s here so too hot to snow.

      Have a wonderful evening!

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