The Gambler: Kenny Rogers

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8 Comments on “The Gambler: Kenny Rogers”

  1. Mark Anderson Says:

    Kat, I used to teach classes in the “response to hazardous materials incidents” to firefighters. I used this song at the beginning and end of each session. 😉

    • katry Says:

      I checked the lyrics trying to find the connection to “response to hazardous materials incidents.” I found nothing so I guessed maybe it is the title. Yes? No?

  2. Mark Anderson Says:

    Y’gotta know when to hold ’em
    Know when t’ fold ’em
    Know when to walk away, and

  3. Mark Anderson Says:

    “Th’ best that you can hope for,
    Is t’die in your sleep.”

  4. Mark Anderson Says:

    Great song, and nicely played by Mr. Rogers. Always made my students think just as much as the disaster videos they saw. 🙂

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