“Horses make a landscape look beautiful.”

Today is lovely but chilly, April chilly which always makes me hope for a warmer day. The sun is bright, and the sky is a light blue, almost pastel in parts. My front garden is abloom. There are yellow dafs and a small deep purple hyacinth, all so beautiful and so welcome with their colors. Another hyacinth, one with a light purple bud, is close to blooming. I can see the yellow buds on my forsythia bush.

Mother Nature is working some magic in the garden, but I wish for warmer days, for more of spring. This morning was 34˚. Tonight too will be in the 30’s. Last week I bought a new bird feeder for mixed seeds, but when I found no seeds in the deck barrel, I went to Agway. Big mistake! I watched the baby chicks and cuddled a couple. My favorites were black, and they had the beginnings of feathers on their wings. I bought treats for Henry and the cats. I bought four small succulents to fill empty pots. I also bought a new sunflower bird feeder. Finally, I bought a bag of mixed seed.

When I was a kid, I remember Sunday rides on back roads. I remember how excited we got when we’d see horses in fields their heads bent to the grass. We’d tell my father to slow down so we could watch the horses eat. But we saved our loudest yells for when we sometimes saw deer in open fields. We all pointed and yelled, and the deer raised their heads. Sometimes we might have scared them away with our exuberance. I remember watching skunks waddle through the backyard all of us keeping our distance. The spawns were too common to deserve our notice. I think that was it for my wild animal count when I was a kid.

When I first got to Ghana and off the bus at the school where we’d be staying for the first couple of weeks, I saw lizards scurrying in front of me as I walked. I was amazed. I was really in Africa. My favorite lizards, who thought I’d ever say that, were the ones with orange heads and blue-green bodies. Lizards were all over the place so after a while I stopped noticing. I never stopped noticing the vultures. Then there were the baboons.

Here I see wild turkeys all the time, but I still watch. I’ve seen deer, one even almost hit the car, foxes, skunks, rabbits, old and young, with white tails, raccoons, the deer mice who have lived in my house, possums and coyotes. I think that’s the list. One time, though, the cape had a bear who was lost. He was caught and released in the western part of the state where he could find some friends.

I’m staying home today. I do have to go out tomorrow which makes four times this week. I’m staggered by that number.

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4 Comments on ““Horses make a landscape look beautiful.””

  1. William Sandford Says:

    How/where did you find the picture?

    • katry Says:

      I found it after a Duck Duck Go search. The story behind it was that the horses had gone to the war, WWI, so any animal could work on their farms so….

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Horses grazing in the field make everything seem calmer. Being around horses for years, I didn’t consciously know that they had that effect. When the deer started grazing in my back swamp I realized it felt very restful to look out the window and see some kind of large fauna grazing out back. Doesn’t have to be horses. Deer will do. And I don’t have to muck out their stalls. 😀

    The lonely daffodil in my yard has gone by and so has the surprise crocus by the front steps. But I saw a flash of bright blue in the grass and knew that the chionodoxa which have colonized the lawn would be popping up all over in a day. And they have. Very cheery.

    It was sunny and cold here Friday. Not a great day for being outside. The planes from the Red Sox opening day ceremony stage around my house. I heard them come over but decided not to run outside and watch. Too comfy on the couch. 😀

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      On Green Street, close to the Wakefield/Stoneham line there used to be a huge field with horses and a red barn. We’d go and feed them grass then sit and watch them. There are houses now where the field and red barn used to be.

      There are six daffodils beside the front walk. They are still bright and lovely. Two hyacinths have also bloomed, with more to come.

      My sister ran out to see the planes. She said she froze.

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