“Easter is a time for dressing up, looking your best, and hunting for candy. It’s Halloween in reverse.”

Yesterday I beat the rain. I emptied my car at the dump, went to the bank and got pet food at Agway. The rain started late in the afternoon after I was home. It was a heavy rain, a loud on the roof for a while rain. I don’t remember when it stopped. I didn’t notice.

Today has leftover weather. It is chilly and rain is again predicted. The Red Sox opening day game for today is postponed until tomorrow. I’ll put away my peanuts and popcorn until then.

When I was a little kid, dressing us for outside this time of year was a conundrum for my mother. She wondered if the chill was cold enough for us to need a winter coat or were layers better. I favored ditching the winter coat for layers, for a sweater under my spring jacket. I never got cold, or at least that’s what I told my mother.

When I was really little, my mother shopped for my new Easter clothes. I didn’t have a whole lot of say. Every year I wore a dress worthy of swirling, a round hat with a small brim, white short gloves and a light jacket, a dressy jacket. I remember one jacket was deep blue and had a white collar and white buttons. My socks were white with lace, and I always wore black patent leather shoes. I think that outfit was universal, an unwritten Easter clothes’ rule all mothers knew.

The spawn of Satan has chewed another light set. That makes it spawns 2 and me nothing. Those lights have been hung there by the door and down the railing for over a year and were untouched until the last couple of weeks. I’m undecided about adding any more lights, but it is just so dark without them. I’ll have to buy cheap lights by the gross.

My dance card is empty and has been for months. Henry stays upstairs, his way of ignoring me. Jack sleeps. He is, after all, a cat. Gwen stay upstairs but comes out for me when I visit her. She gets treats. I have to go out today for the third day in a row. I think it is a new record.

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6 Comments on ““Easter is a time for dressing up, looking your best, and hunting for candy. It’s Halloween in reverse.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    It occurred to me while reading this post that I don’t remember what my Easter socks looked like. Ankle socks annoyed me back then because they always crawled down under my foot when I walked. My Easter socks probably also had lace which would make them doubly annoying when they crawled down under my foot. 😀

    Squirrels chew the wires because the plastic coating is often soy-based and very tasty as well as being excellent tooth-wearing material. I watched one at a friend’s house one New Year’s Day. It was very clever and persistent. It chewed through the wire at both ends so it could carry a whole section of it away to consume in its warm and comfy nest. Spraying the wires with pepper spray, mint mouthwash, citrus spray, or predator urine is supposed to deter them. You have to repeat the spraying especially after rain. But if you manage to teach the resident squirrels to avoid your wires, the secondary benefit is that they will not allow wire-eating non-resident squirrels in to feast on them. Squirrels are very territorial.

    My only errand yesterday was a morning vet visit for Piki Dog. He had a rabies shot and two titer tests. He was not amused. Life is tough for little dogs. 😀

    Enjoy the rainy, cold day. Excellent weather for reading a good book.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I hated ankle socks for the same reason. I swear all my socks became balls under my feet except for knee-highs. They settled around my ankles.

      I did use red pepper on my sunflower seeds as squirrels wouldn’t eat the peppered seeds, but I think I used too much the first time. The ratio took a bit of time.

      I’ll have to hunt for spray. I didn’t replace the last eaten set yet. Why the spawns left the lights alone for so long then ate two sets perplexes me. They left the lights.

      Today I went riding and went as far as Orleans and went a total of 40+ miles, further than I have been driving for months.

      No rain today! The sun actually came out for a while bu🐯t it was cold all day. low 40’s.

      Have a good evening!

  2. Christer. Says:

    The rain must have been pouring down here durin g the night because my water barrels are now full and they were half empty yesterday. The day started foggy but after that we’ve had sunshine almost all day.

    Down on the european continet they’ve had huge problems with Martens chewing on cables in cars, turns out that they use some kind of fish oil in the plastic around them and the smell is irresistible for the martens, I wonder if it could be something similar with Your squirrels and all those cables?

    The day started shitty here so the evening can only be better 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Other parts of the state got rain all day, but we didn’t get any at all. The sun actually came out in the late afternoon but for only a while. We are back to clouds again.

      It has to be something about the wires. The last two strands which were eaten were LED bulbuls I bought on-line. I’ll have to go back to the cheap, regular strings I usually buy. Thanks for the suggestion.

      It has been cloudy all day, the second day in a row. I want spring to return!!

      Have a great evening.

  3. Rowen Says:

    Nice set today. The Franz Ferdinand is definitely my favorite though that Hollies record is always a lot of fun.

    I’d bet that the decorative light set people could make a nice profit from selling animal-proof lights, if there could be such a thing.

    • katry Says:

      I would love something stinky inherent in the strings of the more expensive outside bulbs. I can buy the lights fairly cheaply which is what I used to use, but I need several as the strings are short. It is too dark out there.

      I generally have fun listening to music I might never have found except for the specific theme of the day set. I am often surprised by a new song. Yup, you have to love the Hollies.

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