“Never waste any time you can spend sleeping.”

The daffodils in the front garden have bloomed. They are the first bits of color with their bright yellow flowers. I can see crocus will be next then grape hyacinths. Every new flower is a surprise. 

Yesterday I cleaned but only the top of my desk with the wind up toys on it. I cleaned the desk top and all the wind-up toys, some of which are quite old for being cheap little plastic toys. The fishing set is close to 25 years old. It looks the worst for wear. I cleaned everything. Then I cleaned more in the den. I sat down and zap, my back hurt. I had been doing nothing two days. Now I know two isn’t enough. I’ll try three this time. 

Last night I had a splendid meal. I dined on the second pork chop and the rest of the turnip, leftovers. On the mashed turnip I sprinkled some Moroccan harissa then added a bit of butter and warmed the dinner in the microwave. As soon as it hit my tastebuds, it was an hmmm out loud moment. Yesterday’s dinner was even better than it had been on Sunday. Some leftovers are like that. My chili, actually my brother-in-law’s chili, is better the second day. Spaghetti sauce is always better the next day when it hits leftover status. I make my uncle’s sausage cacciatore the day before I’m serving it, all the better for the taste. Thanksgiving dinner on Friday is as tasty and maybe even tastier than the original meal. Chicken soup always tastes better for the next day or two. There are probably more, but these are the ones I remember the best. These are the tastiest ones for me.

When I turn off my bedroom light, Jack and Henry jump off the bed. I haven’t yet figured out why. During the night, when I’m asleep, Henry and Jack return. Henry is a bed hog. He sleeps mostly in the middle of the bed stretched out with his head near me. Jack sleeps at the bottom of the bed on my side. He also sleeps stretched out, and Jack is a big boy. I sleep so deeply I don’t even notice their return nor do I notice the shrinking real estate. I adjust.

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3 Comments on ““Never waste any time you can spend sleeping.””

  1. J Says:

    Upstate NY : Sunny, 60s–motorcycle started on first kick so I took a brief first-of-the-year ride. Snow expected in two days.
    Last night out 2yr old Airedale snuck herself under the covers before we got in bed!
    Next time you’re looking for sleepy themed songs, consider “Prairie Lullaby” (here’s three versions):
    from the Leon Redbone album “From Branch To Branch”
    from the Geoff & Maria Muldaur album “Pottery Pie” by
    from Peter Rowan’s live track at Suwannee Springfest – Amphitheatre Stage
    And a different song, but same title, from Don Edwards’ “Going Back To Texas” album

    • katry Says:

      I would have said the Redbone was my favorite until I heard Peter Rowan. His is my favorite of the three. All the recordings are such different interpretations. I did like Geoff’s version, but I do wish Maria had a big piece of that song.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Every dog we ever owned slept with us and sometimes hogged the king size bed. Maybe that’s why we only have two kids. 🙂

    A lot of meals are better the day after because the flavors have had time to mingle. Other things are better fresh. Spaghetti with a red sauce is better the next day, but fresh linguini with white clam sauce probably won’t survive very well in the refrigerator overnight.

    Today there’s more clouds but the high temperature will not get into the 80s today. I’m having an attack of spring fever and can’t seem to get motivated to work.

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