“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”

What a lovely day, a bit chilly at only 49˚ but it will get a bit warmer by afternoon. Tonight, though, will be cold, in the 30’s. Spring is just so unpredictable.

My bird feeders need filling. I also have a string of solar lights to be placed outside somewhere. I’m toying with putting the string on my little library.

I never made it to the dump yesterday. It poured most of the afternoon. I still have a couple of bags for the trunk by the front door, but they will have to wait. The dump is closed until Wednesday.

When I was a kid, this week before Easter held none of the expectations of Christmas. New Easter clothes and an Easter basket were the highlights. In our baskets, we knew they’d be a chocolate bunny, usually hollow, big jelly beans, some hard eggs with white inside and a few Peeps. Besides the candy, we always got small gifts. Those were the surprise.

I remember a Holy Thursday when my mother and I went to church to watch the foot washing. My pompous grandfather was one of the barefooted men sitting in chairs on the altar, and he looked uncomfortable the whole time. While he was getting his feet washed by the kneeling priest, my mother and I were convulsed in laughter. We didn’t make any noise but our shaking shoulders probably gave it away. The best part of that service was the incense. I always wanted one of those gold incense burners the priests used.

We had Good Friday off from school though we had to do a vigil in church at some point in the afternoon for an hour or so. I always brought a book and looked devoted with my head down, but I was reading, not praying or maybe I was praying I didn’t get caught by the nun sitting behind us.

I have no list today. I find myself lacking the wherewithal to do anything. My bedroom is cluttered with boxes, and I hate the untidiness but not enough to do anything about it except gripe. I am getting quite adept at griping.

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2 Comments on ““I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today is again sunny and bright with a high expected in the upper 70° range. I went home for lunch because I was interviewing a new pool care company. The last guys terminated us because we asked too many questions and they are too busy for customer service. This guy seemed to know what he was talking about. Swimming pools is a whole area of expertise that I am not interested in learning.

    I’m always amazed at how interwoven our religious practices are among the Abrahamic faiths. This is the first time I had ever heard of having the Catholic priest wash your feet before Good Friday. In the very Orthodox Jewish congregations, on the high holidays, the priests, the kohanim, get their feet washed by the Levites, or helpers, before delivering the priestly benediction at the end of the service. Both the priests and the helpers are descendants of the tribe of Levi. Orthodox men know if they are Kohanim or Levites from their fathers. This ritual has been abandoned by both the conservative and reform congregations.

    You’re lucky you get candy for Easter and we get Matzo for Passover. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It was a nice day in the high 40’s, but it is much colder tonight. I shut the back door as the breeze was coming in the dog door. The only friend I had with a pool took care of it herself in the beginning then hired a pool service.

      The ceremony of foot washing hasn’t happened because of Covid. Before that, I believe women too were part of the Holy Thursday rite. This is my first time of hearing of priests getting their feet washed by the Levites.

      Yup, I’d chose candy over Matzo.

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