In These Shoes?: Kirsty MacColl

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10 Comments on “In These Shoes?: Kirsty MacColl”

  1. hedley Says:

    Kirsty MacColl was incredibly talented and this album “Tropical Brainstorm” remains one of my favorites. the story of how she lost her life and the aftermath does not bear repeating.

    I think Bette Midler took a swing at this and crashed and burned.

    A lovely pick Kat, I am always delighted to hear the wonderful Kirsty

    • katry Says:

      No, it does not bear repeating.

      Somewhere in the back of my memory banks, I knew how much you like Kristy MacColl. Call it catering I guess!

  2. hedley Says:

    Kat, this was the official video, Kirsty guests in just after 3 minutes

  3. im6 Says:

    I take exception, of course 🙂

  4. lilydark Says:

    Thanks for introducing to a new group. Where would I be without you!

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