“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

Today is brightly sunny, window beautiful. It is so windy even the heaviest pine tops and the thick oak are swaying. It is cold, in the low 30’s, and won’t get much warmer. I have no need to go out. My house is warm and cozy, also pretty dusty so I’m going to spot clean today, very few spots. I do see a dump run in my near future. The animals are having their morning naps, not to be confused with their afternoon naps or their evening naps.

After the dust has settled, so to speak, I’ll probably just read the day away, a half sloth day.

When I was a kid, I had my own bookcase in my bedroom. It was filled with mostly Whitman books, 49 cent cardboard hard covers I used to buy uptown at The Children’s Corner. A few Bobbsey Twins and several Nancy Drew’s were also on the shelves. I had some Harty Boys and some classics like Little Women and Zorro. The Whitman books were mostly in a series. I had all the Trixie Belden. She was a girl detective who lived in Sleepyside-on-Hudson. I loved that name. Her best friend was Honey, that much I remember. They solved mysteries. I also had Donna Parker books. She solved dilemmas and a couple of mysteries. I had more but those two I remember the most.

In my bedroom now is a short bookcase with two deep shelves. In the bookcase are most of the Whitman books from my childhoods bedroom. My mother and father brought the books down when I first moved into my house thinking something old would be welcomed. They were right. I filled the new bookcase I bought with most of my childhood books. The top became a side table.

I’m careful when I open those books, Most of their pages are yellowed and brittle and sometimes drop corner pieces, always corner pieces, on the floor. I was probably around nine when I read most of those books, except Little Women. I was ten when I read that book. It had been a Christmas present, and I didn’t put it down until I had read every page. It is also upstairs.

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4 Comments on ““Books are a uniquely portable magic.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    The last couple of days West Texas has blown in with the strong winds. There’s a reason that the city in the panhandle is called Amarillo. In Spanish, Amarillo means yellow and the sky yesterday here in Dallas had a yellowish hue from all the dust particles. Today the wind is down to a more normal speed of about 20 Mph and the temperature should top out in the upper 60° range.

    I didn’t have a bookcase, but had bookshelves in my room when I was a kid which held my books. None of my books from my youth have survived the many moves over the years. The office, in my new house, has one wall of nearly floor to ceiling bookshelves which I have filled with all the hardback books I saved in recent years. One of these days I will actually arrange them in some logical order so that I can find something. Almost all my new books are digital and stored on my Mac and backed up to an external hard drive. I have acquired enough digital books that will keep me busy reading into the next decade at least. Hopefully, I can read most of them before my expiration date. Those books don’t require dusting. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I remember during the harmattan when the world was grimy from the winds blowing from the desert. The air, my house and everywhere got covered in dust all, day, every day so I know what you’re describing. It will be in the 30’s tonight but warmth is on its way, the 50’s and the 60’s by Sunday.

      I gave my local library all the hardcover books I’d buy. One year they had a huge book sale of all my donated books. The library, quite a small one, saved money by not having to buy the books I gave them and made money when they sold the ones they didn’t need. It worked for both of us.

  2. Birgit Says:

    Once a year we have a Night Of Libraries with readings, music, games and more. It’s tonight but only online due to corona. So far I saw and listened to some music, short stories and puppet theater.

    Sunny but quite cold here, global climate strike actions today were also limited by corona, we went to a bike rally downtown with just a few hundred people. Other towns had more activities.

    Have a cozy reading day!

    • katry Says:

      That sounds great, A Night of Libraries. I like the idea of so many events together.

      The village libraries here have individual events, mostly speakers and authors and music every now and then but haven’t in the last year. The libraries haven’t even been open except for book pick-up.

      The same weather here, cold, but the warm weather is coming for the week end. I may do a bit of unnecessary shopping.

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