“There is never enough cheese on the cheese course. Bring your own bit of Brie if you have to. Put an entire Stilton in your handbag.”

The snow arrived for maybe 4 or 5 minutes yesterday afternoon. After that it got really cold then it got even colder overnight. While I was reading in bed, I heard the wind. It was tremendous, a howling wind. This morning is only 20˚ with a still heavy wind. The expected high is 24˚. Where did I put my sunscreen?

The weekend was quiet. I did nothing except change the cat litter. I rested after the exertion.

My dance card has turned yellow and its corners have curled. The ink is faded. I can’t even read the last entry. My table is empty of stickies. I have no lists. I could do my laundry, but I am not yet that desperate. The filled pillow case still sits in the hall leaning against the cellar door.

My freezer is almost full. Every now and then I pull out some chicken or ground beef always with the best intentions. Half the time, though, I just don’t feel like cooking. The ground beef ends up fried then in marinara then back to the freezer. The chicken bakes. Usually I make a chicken salad or just leave the chicken intact for grazing. I open the fridge and pull off a few pieces and share with Jack and Henry.

Yesterday I had cheese for lunch and dinner, a different cheese and a different cracker for each meal. For lunch I finished off the white Stilton with mango and ginger on Club Crackers. Dinner was Vermont cheddar on Saltines. Henry and I shared a banana as a snack. I still have plenty of cheese. I’m thinking my Monterey Jack might serve as lunch, maybe even a grilled cheese with tomato. I hope that’s not too ambitious.

During the two+ years I lived in Ghana, I had no fresh milk and no cheese. At first I really missed cheese, but after a while, I forgot to miss it. For a snack, I’d have a peanut butter and jam sandwich. The peanut butter was groundnut paste sold in the market as a soup base. The paste was so thick I had to add peanut oil to make it spreadable and to keep my bread intact. The jam came from England.

My back still hurts and still makes me howl. I sit on the couch with pillows strategically placed behind me. My laptop is truly a lap top. I won’t be doing much moving around today.

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10 Comments on ““There is never enough cheese on the cheese course. Bring your own bit of Brie if you have to. Put an entire Stilton in your handbag.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    My freezer and fridge are stuffed. Yesterday I did a crockpot roast with mushrooms, onions, wine and a shoulder roast. I think it’s going to be good but I haven’t eaten it yet. Smelling it cooking all day made me not want to. I ate chips and dip with M&M peanuts for dessert.

    There were several bouts of snow squall here yesterday along with the howling winds. The snow even accumulated on the grass and bushes but it disappeared later on. I don’t know if it melted or just blew away. As long as I didn’t have to shovel it, I don’t care.

    I’m sorry your back is still hurting. Remember that it’s still possible to slouch over your laptop so try not to do that. 🙂
    Enjoy the day. Be like Grommet and have some more cheese.

    • William Sandford Says:

      Don’t you remember the Australian cheese in the time in Ghana?

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I’m envious of your energy, but I totally understand not eating it yet. When I make dinner for guests, I barely eat it as I’m usually already filled with the wonderful smells of the dinner cooking.

      The snow never made any ground headway, but the cold surely did. It is freezing. I closed the back door because I could feel the cold through the dog door. Henry now will be let out and in.

      The morning is the best time for my back. After being in bed, it feels great when I move around then ZAP! I have to be careful the rest of the day.

      I am glad I still have plenty of cheese!!

      Have a great day!

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    When I was in Zhuhai China my American coworker and I went to the Zhuhai Deli. It was a store chocked full of American grocery items such as cold cereals, mustard, ketchup and cheese. It turns out that there is no cheese in Chinese groceries. Most Chinese don’t eat any dairy products because they are lactose intolerant. I had never given any thought to the fact that there’s no dairy products in Chinese cuisine. Once Chinese babies are weened they don’t consume dairy products. Maybe it’s the same in Ghana. I love cheese and would miss it. It’s all what you get used to eating.

    Today’s weather is a repeat of yesterday with a high of 80°. I’m concerned that the beautiful shrubby in the front of my house is dead from the devastating cold weather last month. I will have my lawn and garden guy take a look tomorrow.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      In Ghana I know they drink evaporated milk from cans usually in their tea. It is sold all over and was all I could buy for my coffee. Part of it is that cows are meat in Ghana, not dairy cows. After a while, I didn’t miss what I couldn’t get. In Accra, cheese was sold but was really expensive. I didn’t buy it but rather spent my money on seeing movies and eating out at all sorts of cheap but delicious hole in the wall sort of restaurants.

      IT is really cold still.

      • Bob Says:

        Hi Kat,

        My gardener facturm came by this evening, thanks to daylight saving time, and he pronounced my shrubbery is not dead and coming back to life. I need to have a sprinkler repair guy come and fix a leak just below the head. The fun and games of home ownership.

      • katry Says:

        I haven’t seen my landscaper yet. It is far too cold to think of the garden. I did see a few daff greens have risen from the ground in the front garden. I’ll watch them every morning to see how they are doing.

        Each year I seem to need a new head somewhere on my sprinkler system. I know one year Skip my factotum must have hit it as the pile left by his plow was right by it. Not much snow this year so I’m hopeful.

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