“Of course, in our grade school, in those days, there were no organized sports at all. We just went out and ran around the school yard for recess.”

What a perfectly lovely day! It is warm by Cape standards for this time of year, 60˚. I’m going outside to take books to my Little Library and fill the backyard bird feeders. It is a good day for a bit of fresh air.

I’m still wearing my winter cozies. I’m even wearing socks. When the sun goes down, it gets cold. Tonight will get down to the 30’s. That’s more like it for this time of year.

Cat update: nothing much has changed. Jack is downstairs except he often naps with Gwen in the former guest room, now the cat room. I put a new covering on Gwen’s bed to replace the furry, cracked vinyl tablecloth. The poor girl has lost a lot of hair on one side. I keep finding matted fur on the floor. I try to clean her fur a bit every night, and it does feel better when I pat her. Gwen still hisses at Henry. He doesn’t care. Henry is howling right now at the front door. I’d go check why, but usually I see nothing. As for Henry, other than the barking, he is doing well. He wags his tail end when I talk to him, and he is always glad to see me when I get home from errands. He loves to be scratched and patted.

When I was a kid, days like today made me feel almost joyful. I could unzip my jacket. At school, I could leave the hat and mittens in the cloak room, and best of all, I could go outside in the warmth and run around at recess with sheer abandonment, the sides of my unzipped coat billowing as I ran. I remember the school yard, also a parking lot on Sundays, had sand on it making it a bit slippery so skidding was common, sometimes by choice. The sand came from town trucks spewing it from the sides to try to keep the snow from hardening on the roads and parking lots.

After school, in the late afternoon, on a day like today, it was warm enough for me to go out and play or ride my bike. The day was lasting longer and longer so the streetlights came on later and later. I’d go inside in time to watch The Mickey Mouse Club before dinner. I always sang along, M-I-C-K-E-Y MOUSE. Even now those songs reverberate in my memory drawers, permanently etched. “And now it’s time to say good-bye.”

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2 Comments on ““Of course, in our grade school, in those days, there were no organized sports at all. We just went out and ran around the school yard for recess.””

  1. Christer. Says:

    Quite nice weather over here, just above 32 at nights and a bit higher during the day. Today I heard lots of cranes from a field nearby, I do like that sound 🙂

    I walked around my garden today looking for spring bulbs but the only ones flowering right now are the snow drops. I can see other ones slowly growing but they need some warm days to show properly. I know it is still very early up here but one can always hope 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      That is the progression of my garden as well. My snow drops bloomed earlier in the week. This morning I saw higher than I expected shoots of daffodils. Spring is close.

      Today was cooler than yesterday. It will be cooler through Monday then maybe rain. My sister in Colorado is expected to get up to 2 feet of snow. She’s welcome to it!.

      The night will come later when I turn my clocks ahead. It feels like cheating in a way to get sunshine.

      Enjoy your day!

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