“The louder the dogs bark the less a lion feels threatened.”

Today is warmish. The sky is almost covered in light gray clouds, but some blue is holding steady. It will get as high as 47˚ but dip down again tonight to the 30’s. We have no wind, a good thing. I could go out, but I may not. My back is still a bother.

When I was a kid, I had two pairs of regular shoes. I had my school-church shoes and my play shoes. In the summer I wore sneakers, white sneakers. For a couple of winters I played CYO basketball, and my coach had us wear black high-tops. Back then girls did not wear Converse high-tops. What had to because my coach said they would protect our ankles. The only thing I hated was how many laces I had to tie. I actually still have a couple of pairs of high-tops: one is pink, the other purple. I wear them every now and then to match whatever clothes I’m wearing. No one looks twice at my feet when I wear them.

I was at the door talking to my guy who delivered groceries from Rory’s his morning. All of a sudden I noticed flowers blooming under a bush in the front garden. Two snowdrops have flowered. Winter must be slowing as snowdrops flower in late winter.

Henry did not try to attack Ryan, my delivery guy. Henry barely even barked. I don’t know if it is a one time thing, but his fierceness at the door is a behavior I have been working on for a while. He usually bares his teeth when UPS and the mailman deliver, but this morning he only stuck his nose out the door.

Duke, the boxer I grew up with, was protective of all of us. If he barked at the door, someone was close. I remember Duke almost went through the storm door when a guy was walking near my house during a snowstorm. We had to grab Duke, and it took two of us to hold him until he quieted down. Henry barks at people walking by, cars moving on the road in front of the house, kids playing basketball on the street three houses down and the man across the street when he opens his garage door. I used to check when Henry barked constantly at the front door, but most times I found no cause for the barking so I started calling Henry the dog that cried wolf. Mostly I now ignore him, but sometimes I am surprised to find a box or two on my front steps.

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6 Comments on ““The louder the dogs bark the less a lion feels threatened.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I’m sorry your back is hurting. I have a similar issue with my right hip and leg that is due, I’m ashamed to admit, to sitting hunched over my computer or tablet too much. I’m all collapsed in front and over stretched behind. Now when I stand up I stretch whatever parts I can while I’m waiting for my knees and feet to agree that I can walk.

    Lucky you to have two snowdrops flowering outside. Very encouraging. I have skunk cabbage flowering in the back swamp. That’s encouraging, too, in its own weird way.

    Piki Dog barks at everyone who walks by, and every delivery truck that drives by but only certain cars. I haven’t figured out the cars yet but they’re mostly black SUV’s. Rocky barks less frequently. His new thing is to howl like a coyote instead. Piki joins in and they have a group howl. Sometimes I join in and they look at me funny. I must be doing it wrong. 😀

    I hope your back stops bugging you very quickly.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I went hunting for what was possibly wrong with my back. I get both stabbing and hot pains near the shoulder blade. Come to find out one reason could be I’m hunched over the computer for too long, especially lately as I had been spending hours hunting for vaccine. I have started putting my computer on my lap. It is, after all, a laptop.

      It was such a surprise to see those flowers. I was thrilled.

      Henry barks and barks. He goes up four stairs so he can look out the door windows which are on the top part of the door. He sounds scary. Deliverymen leave packages on the walk instead of the steps as if Henry could open the wooden and storm doors. Henry doesn’t discriminate.

      Thanks on the back. Right back at you for the hip and leg.

  2. Christer. Says:

    A storm is passing by here and at the moment it snows but we’ll mostly get rain they say. Closer to the coast they’ll get well over 6 inches of snow, usually it’s the other way round 🙂

    Albin doesn’t bark that much, instead he has changhed to a very deep sort of growling sound that scares the crap out of people whi doesn’t know him 🙂 🙂 Some time ago a villager walked by with his tiny dog just as I opened the door tyo let Albin out. Albin rushed towards the gate making that sound and the villager and his dog got so scared that they both almost fell down into the cow pasture beside the road 🙂 🙂 🙂 I doub’t they’ll walk here again 🙂 🙂 I’m pretty sure it won’t help that I explain it’s just how he sounds 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      It is usually the same here: we on the coast get less snow than inland. Right now there is no snow in the forecast, but Colorado where my sister lives could get 2 feet or even more this weekend.

      Henry scares people in the same way as Albin. Delivery people stay clear of the door where the crazy dog is barking. The poor villager and his dog!!

      Have the best day!

  3. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I hope your back is feeling better. Yesterday, we hit a high of 73° and today a high 79° with cloudy skies. The storm that’s dumping snow on Denver is headed our way bringing us thunderstorms and rain beginning tomorrow through Sunday night. Spring in Texas means thunderstorms, hail and possibly tornadoes. 🙁

    I only own three pairs of shoes, two black pairs of dress shoes for work and a pair of New Balance white cross trainers for weekends. Woman are usually shoe collectors. My daughter has lots of shoes that she doesn’t wear in our walk-in closet, but won’t throw any of them out. Some woman usually like to have a different pair or several pairs of shoes for each outfit. Luckily, my spouse has only a couple of pairs of shoes period. She lives in Walmart 99 cent flip flops all summer long. She usually buys a few pairs of them at a time because they break frequently and she keeps a pair with her in the car in case of shoe emergencies.

    Maybe Henry is figuring out who’s who belongs in his new world. We’ve had dogs who would bark at anyone or anything that dared to cross onto our yard and others, the Greyhounds, who couldn’t care at all if a burgler was stealing the family jewels. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      My back is a bit better but I figure it is the Aleve dulling the pain. The hunching over my computer hasn’t been a good thing for my back. I’ve decided to pile books under it to raise it a bit higher. I’m hoping that will help.

      My nephew sent me a copy of the weather report out of Denver. They are expecting one heck of a snowstorm. I don’t know if they, in Littleton, will get as much snow. I’m all for them getting it, not me.

      I take issue with your comment that women are usually shoe collectors. I have only known one woman who was a shoe collector. Most women I know who work have three or four pairs they alternate wearing. I had leather clogs when I worked as they were comfortable when I had to walk around the school. I think the days are long gone when women matched their shoes and outfits. I have sandals for summer and closed shoes for winter. I also have a pair of clogs. That’s it.

      Most of my dogs announced someone at the door but didn’t bark at outside sounds the way Henry does. He is ruthless.

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