Hey Ho On the Devil’s Back: Katzenjammer

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2 Comments on “Hey Ho On the Devil’s Back: Katzenjammer”

  1. Birgit Says:

    A Norwegian band despite the German looking name. When they toured Germany some time ago I heard one of their concerts on the radio and loved their music. I still would like to see them live but I worry how much music and culture will be left and back when this pandemic is over. It’s very difficult for artists to make a living here and it’s probably not much different in your and other countries? It will take a long time until real live music is back, currently we mess up vaccination and unfortunately it’s not a surprise. Meanwhile we have vaccine, vaccination centers and enough volunteer doctors and medics but an excessive and mostly non-digitized bureaucracy as well as delayed political decisions keep most of us from getting a shot.

  2. katry Says:

    This is the first time I have ever heard this band. I did look them up and was surprised they are Norwegian. I don’t know if they get air time here.

    I also worry about music and theater. My Cape Cod Playhouse was closed for last summer. I hope they open this summer. I miss live performances. The Melody Tent is where I’ve seen concerts. Right now it is a Covid vaccine site. Some musicians are offering streamed concerts for a fee. Even The Boston Pops had one at Christmas time.

    I am at the point where I just can’t do hours on line trying to get a vaccine only to be tossed off when they run out. The other day it was six hours going from site to site. I got an e-mail about a site opening tomorrow. I’m going to try again.

    This state has been terrible at the vaccine rollout. On the first day the web site crashed. Our governor has been taking the heat and well he should. In two weeks more people become eligible. I hope I can find something before then. I’m not encouraged.

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