“February is the border between winter and spring.”

The snow flurries continue as does the cold. My walkway and car are covered again, but I am going nowhere so the car can stay covered for a bit. Maybe this afternoon I’ll get up enough energy to care to clear the car when I go to get my mail.

Just a little bit ago I let Henry inside. He is still using the dog door only one way, out. When I opened the door, I surveyed my little world. I cheered to see some patches of blue.

I do have a plan for the day. Yesterday six plastic bins were delivered. They are upstairs as I bought them to store the Christmas presents I buy all year. Last Christmas was a horror of bags and boxes, and it took me a while to divide the presents into piles, into what belongs to whom. Part 2 of the plan is to clean underneath the sink upstairs. It is a jumbled mess. It is a spot I put things into, but I never seem to take anything out of the cabinet. I hate cleaning, but I do like weird cleaning, weird places which seldom see the light of day. Maybe that should be a list.

The snow does look lovely on the tops of branches and in the back yard. Henry has ventured but not far, not to the back of the yard yet. I can see his route in paw prints. He seems to like the snow. Henry has a coat I bought the first winter he was here. It is a blue plaid, but Henry has yet to wear it. He is never out long enough to need a coat.

When I was a kid, this would have been the perfect Saturday. I’d have dragged my sled from the cellar and ridden it all day long. My house was on a hill, a long hill, almost to the top. We’d pull our sleds to the top, hold them in our hands, run with them then we’d throw our sleds to the ground and jump on them stomach first when they hit the ground. We’d pick up speed just about where my house was and ride all the way down to the cross street. You could hear us scream in delight because nothing is better than sledding down a tall hill fast and furiously and pretty much out of control.

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7 Comments on ““February is the border between winter and spring.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today the sun is shining brightly and the temperature has warmed up to a balmy 55° which is melting all the snow and ice. I hope that we can make it through the next couple of weeks because the latest freeze date on record here is March 8th. I can only hope that the voters will remember this past week when they go to the polls next election. The only honest politician on TV was the Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Sid Miller. He said yesterday that, “We Republicans run the state and we have to take responsibility, because we own this”. He didn’t blame frozen wind turbines or the Green Energy Plan like his fellow Republican officeholders who are responsible for setting up this terrible, freewheeling, free market system to just to avoid federal environmental regulations.

    Today my spouse, my daughter and myself got our second inoculation against the Covid-19 virus. I’m hoping that any effects will be minor and short lived. It went even easier than the first one. We arrived early and there was no line. We got the shots including the paperwork and the 15 minute waiting time and were out in a half hour. 🙂 Kudos to Tarrant County.

    Unfortunately, many folks in the area are under orders to boil their tap water until they can repair the water treatment plants that were frozen. Thankfully, our town, Grapevine, reported our water is safe. They also have offered both residents and non residents access to the community recreation center to warm up and to take a shower if your plumbing has leaked and you shut off your main water valve at the curb.

    I’m sure the area kids had fun in the snow. The only bad part would be coming back into a cold dark house wet from frolicking in the snow. 🙁 The one lesson we learned was to be prepared. We bought the special key to the little manhole cover to get to the water meter and shutoff valve. We also bought large buckets to fill with water in case we were without and a snow shovel. All of these are now in short supply. We made it through this terrible cold snap unscathed and without damage. What more could anyone ask for?

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      You are among the luckiest. I’m glad for that. Everything is just so awful.

      On TV, all I can see is the tragedy and destruction in Texas. The governor chose gas and oil lines, not wind or solar, and now he is guilty for what is happening. His lies at first continued the Republican tradition of lying and passing the buck. Then we have Mr. Ted Cruz who threw his kids under the bus. Such outstanding human beings those two are.

      I’m glad someone is getting the vaccine. There are no places around here with open appointments. The whole process has been poorly done here. I loved the governor until he blew this. The VaxFind Massachusetts site crashed within 5 minutes. He had reassures us it would all work. Sorry Charlie!

      I haven’t ever had a boil my water notice so I’m lucky that way. I also get piped water. People with wells lose their water when the electricity goes out.

      Not too many hills around here. The golf course has the highest hill. When I rode by it, I noticed that all the kids rode on disks or plastic almost toboggan looking rides. They went fast.

      You are lucky you know about the little manhole. I didn’t know about a key. Some sort of wrench opens it too.

      • Bob Says:

        Republicans have again picked up from Trump that the big lie always works. Cruz and Abbott don’t care because both have humongous war chests for the next election and they are in a state that hasn’t elected a Democrat statewide since Ann Richards in 1992. They have a very loyal following among rural and suburban whites.

        This cold snap was not, as our governor described an event like getting hit with a meteor. This happens about every ten years. The last time in 2011 there were much less population and we didn’t have quite so low of temperature. However, the power plants stayed on line and there was plenty of natural gas.

        The only political hope is that enough folks move here from places like California and New York along with the still growing Hispanic population and then we can elect more Democrats to statewide offices. There was a projection that Texas would become a minority majority state by 2050.

      • katry Says:

        Maybe this will be the straw that breaks the republicans’ backs. Cruz did himself a disservice by lying and then throwing his kids under the bus. What a fine upstanding man.

        The news stations did mention ten years ago and that nothing was done afterwards. They believed this event could have far less damaging had the powers that be prepared for the future back then.

        It has been projected that by 2045, the US will become minority white.

  2. Christer. Says:

    Almost all snow is gone here now and almost all ice as well, I’m happy even if it is really muddy instead 🙂

    I’ll need to get tested for the virus, preferable tomorrow. I have a slight fever, a slight headache, a sour throat and I’m a bit tired. Normally that means a cold that won’t bother me much but nowdays it can be so much worse.

    I tried to book a test online but the web site is so bad that it took me twenty minutes just to find out that I can’t book it online 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’ll call first thing tomorrow morning.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      Nope, it didn’t disappear here. The snow got hard and crusty from the cold temperature. The steps did melt, and I threw down deicer to help the melt. It worked.

      It is true to stay ahead of this. My nephew was hospitalized twice for Covid. He said it was the worst thing he ever had.

      Tests are easy to get here. It is the vaccine which isn’t. I’m going to get up early tomorrow and try to book an appointment at a new place where I heard people got vaccine. I called last week, and they had none, but they told me to call Monday.

      Feel better!

    • Birgit Says:

      Good luck, Christer!

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