Three Button Hand Me Down: Faces

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  1. hedley Says:

    The transition was on with The Small Faces. (Little) Stevie Marriott had left the band for Humble Pie and in came Rod Stewart and Ron Wood. And so they became Faces. They released “First Step”, “Long Player” and “Nods as Good as a Link to a blind horse”

    I saw them at the Oval in September 1971, an all day event and they came on right before The Who. But something was happening, the lead singer with the big nose and wearing a leopard skin leotard had released an album of unbelievable quality “Every Picture Tells a Story”

    So suddenly the lead singer had a solo career and was fronting one of the best R&B bands of their time. I was smitten and followed around their shows.. When they were on they were amazing and when they weren’t they were drunk.

    Faces became Rod Stewart and The Faces, Ronnie Lane left and before you knew it, it was all done. Rod went off with Britt Ekland and produced ever declining records until he was doing American standards, Woody joined the Stones, Kenney Jones joined The Who for a while, McLagan died of a stroke and Ronnie Lane died of MS. And Stevie Marriott – died in a house fire.

    Wonder how great they were before Rod Stewart ? Here you are

    • katry Says:

      I also glad for your histories about and with the bands I post here. This one I had bet would elicit a comment from you. I listened to this video and like this more than the other one.

      What always interests me is the history of bands and of musicians moving to another band when one band folds and on and on.

      You have an uncanny ability to see bands before their heydays. Protect your ears!

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