“Nobody notices it when your zipper is up, but everyone notices when it’s down.”

During the night, we got another inch of snow. Even now there are flurries. It is cold, 34˚. The best part, well, the only good part of today’s weather, is no wind. It would feel so much colder with a blowing wind.

The snow flakes are gentle. They seem to float to the ground. Sometimes the flakes come from the north. Other times they fall straight down. Henry ran right down to the yard when I opened the door. The new snow didn’t bother him at all. I threw some deicer on the steps just in case.

Today I have no errands. I don’t even have any sort of a list. I have plenty of food. I have books to read. I have movies to watch. I have naps to take. It could be a full day.

I’m glad there was no velcro when I was a kid because I had to learn to tie a bow with my shoe laces and to connect the two sides of my jacket’s zipper so I could zip up my coat. My mother used to go crazy when I left my jacket open rather than wrestle with my zipper when I walked home from school. Zipper lessons soon followed.

Buttons weren’t easy. Sometimes my fingers didn’t work, and the buttons wouldn’t go into their holes. Finishing all the buttons took time so often I’d just button one at the top and another at the bottom.

I learned analog time when I seven. The hands took a little while to learn because the same time went by many names: 15 minutes past the hour was quarter past the hour and 45 minutes before the hour. I have never bought a digital watch. All of mine are analog. I like the moving hands.

When I was a kid, if we lost electricity, we used candles and maybe one flashlight to light the house. The flashlight was used when we went up the stairs to the bathroom or to bed. I remember sitting in the living room and watching the flame flicker. We’d wet our fingers and run them through the flame. It never hurt. We felt like we had super powers. My mother didn’t. She always told us to stop.

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6 Comments on ““Nobody notices it when your zipper is up, but everyone notices when it’s down.””

  1. Christer. Says:

    The snow is melting away and I feel hope again 🙂 Dripping and bid song is what can be heard here now and I like it. I know winter can come back again but I’ll enjoy this for as long as I can 🙂

    Young people today can’t read our old clocks any longer, that’s so sad. If the power goes so does their knowledge of what time it is 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Our flurries have stopped so maybe they are done for today. Henry doesn’t mind running in the backyard. His are the only paw prints, good to know nothing is getting into the backyard.

      I taught one of my nephews to tell time with an analog watch. I don’t know if he remembers. Kids also cannot read cursive. It is all sad.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Hurray! The temperature finally toppped out at 39° this afternoon and some of the snow is melting. Of course, as soon as the sun sets, what’s left will turn to ice. My pool guys came by and checked out the equipment for operation and leaks. It’s ok and I had them scoop up the frozen dead bird in the water and dispose of it. We also got our notice that our second vaccine injection is scheduled for tomorrow at 2:00 PM. It was originally scheduled for last Wednesday, but they didn’t open any of the distribution centers because of the icy roads.

    When we moved last summer I asked my wife to gat some new large flashlights. The ones with the big battery box and LED bulbs. These came in very handy this week. We don’t have any candles but a few flashlights made it easier. Several times we pulled the car out of the garage and ran the engine to warm up and charge our phones. We didn’t use the fireplace, even though it has gas logs because of the danger of CO poising. We’re not big fireplace people. Several people have died because they ran their cars inside the garage.

    Once my great aunt took my father to buy a pair of trousers when he was a boy. The salesman was showing her the new trousers with a fly with a zipper instead of buttons. She told the salesman she didn’t want that, because her son had a jacket with a zipper and kept getting his tie caught in the zipper. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,

      I’m glad everything is none the worst for the snow and cold. I watch MSNBC often and feel for all the frozen people, houses and pipes and the need to boil water. I have never seen emptier shelves. I am glad that now things are melting and most people have electricity. Heads should roll because of this.

      Your gas logs, if they light, are perfectly safe. A few of my friends have them. When my house got down to 37˚ without electricity one winter, my friends’ house with their fireplace lit never got below 54˚. I have a lantern now which almost lights a whole room. I just carry it with me. It’s a Coleman.

      I still have no appointment for my first shot. The Cape, the oldest county in Massachusetts and third oldest in the country by age, has no mass vaccination site. It is pick-up if one can. I am on every day with no luck.

      That’s funny!! I know about zippers eating cloth.

  3. Rowen Says:

    Great set today.

    There’s something about an analog watch. I hadn’t thought about it until you mentioned it, but when I had a digital one, it was sort of a letdown. I think I expected to do that little computation of translating the hands into time.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Rowen, it was fun finding just the right songs.

      When I turned 50, my gift was a totally beautiful watch with a red band and turquoise stones beside the watch. The watch had hands!! I love that watch!

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