“Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.”

Today is warm but only in comparison. It is 37˚. The icicles are melting. The roads are wet. That horrific dangerous ice storm is heading this way, east, but not for me. Rain is predicted. The next storm is right behind this one. It will start as snow here on the cape then turn to rain. There might just be a thunderstorm. I hope so. I need the drama.

When I was a kid, Washington’s Birthday on February 22nd was within my winter vacation week, my least favorite vacation week. It was cold and not so snowy that we could go sledding. Any snow left on the ground was old, and nothing looks worse than old snow. I remember the piles of snow left on the corners of the streets by the plows melted slowly and lasted into spring, but they were blackish from road dirt. I rode my bike if I could, if it was warm enough. My friends and I ice skated sometimes on the swamp and other times at Recreational Park where every winter an ice skating rink was erected by the town. I dropped into the library. On the coldest days, I stayed inside.

That week passed slowly when I was a kid. When I was older, it wasn’t near long enough. My friends and I bowled, wandered Harvard Square, saw a movie, sometimes rambled or we just hung around together. That was the most fun.

My plan for today is simple. I am a sloth, and I am just fine with that. It seems I have become quite adept at doing nothing.

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4 Comments on ““Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Sloth is the word of and for the day.
    The dogs and I went for a walk. I did dishes but only so that I could use the dish pan to wash a sweater. The sweater is now on a drying screen (aka baby gate) taking up half the length of the tub. Any time other than winter I would put it out on the hood of the jeep to dry. After that, I sat on the couch with the dogs and read the paper while eating M&M peanuts that Peapod delivered to my door just in time. Life is good. 🙂
    Spring break was so long ago that I don’t even remember how I spent it. Probably reading.
    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I did change my bed and take a shower. I felt accomplished. Shaw’s brought my groceries in the afternoon. My larder is now wonderfully filled. I took a nap. Today just didn’t make me enthusiastic in any way.

      February was always so iffy it was easy to figure out what I’d do during a week of awful weather. Later, when I was working, I sometimes went to Europe for the week.

      Keep warm!

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    This morning I awoke to no electricity and the temperature outside was a terrible 8°. The power had gone off a couple of times during the night. It was cold in the house. Then the power came on for about 30 minutes, just enough for a cup of coffee and then went off again. It was off until 4 this afternoon. Unfortunately, both of my showers have frozen up during the night. Hopefully the pipes won’t rupture. The power company has promised rolling blackouts to protect the grid. Somehow, 8 hours without power is not a rolling blackout but a total blackout. 🙂 We finally got in the car and started it up in the driveway to charge our phones and to warm up. After the power came back on the pool had a layer of ice that we broke up. Thankfully, the pool pump didn’t freeze. Now the sun is shining which will mean it will be even colder in the morning. They are predicting a low temperature of 0° Fahrenheit.

    Like you, when I was a kid February 12th was Lincoln’s birthdsy and the 22nd, was Washington’s birthday. Here in Dallas when I was in elementary school we never mentioned Lincoln’s birthday at all. Washington’s was just another school day. In the deep South white people still refer to the Civil war as the war between the states and the Confederacy as the lost cause. I watched an interesting interview the other night with, Charles Blow, a black columnist for the New York Times. He has written a book about how he believes that educated northern black people should move back to the new south and takeover politically. He lives in Atlanta. A few years ago no one would have thought that Georgia would go blue in this election. However, Atlanta and the suburbs are full of northerners

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I am watching roadways in Texas covered in ice and multiple accidents on them. The news also talked about the rolling blackouts in a wide swatch of the middle off the company. New Orleans may have the coldest Mardi Gras in history.

      I know what you went through with the power off. A couple of years ago my house got down to 37˚before the electricity came back. My car was buried under snow so no car to save us.

      I will be lucky here as it it still above freezing and will probably stay that way.

      I knew about Lincoln’s and George’s birthdays. They did teach it in my school.

      A few people I know moved south to North Carolina and there are winter snow birds in Florida, but I don’t know anyone who moved to Georgia. I don’t think it enticing.

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