“Mad dogs and Englishmen Go out in the midday sun…”

Flurries fell last night. The walk and some steps are again hidden under snow, light snow. Given his slide on the stairs yesterday, Henry was dubious about going out, but he checked, saw the stairs were down to wood from the deicer I threw out earlier and decided to give it a try. He gingerly walked down into the yard but ran back up the stairs to get out of the cold.

The cold is hanging around, but there is no wind. Everything is still. I am venturing out into the big world and doing a couple of errands. No, the dump is not one of them. It is too cold.

When I was a kid, weather never mattered. We had to walk to and from school anyway. We had only one car, and my father drove it to work every day. Besides, my mother didn’t learn to drive until we moved to the Cape. I remember the winter walks to school especially on windy days. I froze to my bones.

Shoes have never really had much importance to me. When I was a kid, I had my school shoes and my play shoes. When I worked, I had clogs, comfortable shoes, because of all the walking I did in the halls and cafeteria. Since my retirement, I have winnowed my pairs of shoes. Now I have sandals for summer and a pair of tie shoes for winter though I often stay in my slippers, my clog slippers, when I go out.

I have signed up for breakfast with a sloth. The Stone Zoo, my hometown zoo, offers breakfasts with a variety of animals in Zoom sessions. My sister too has signed up for the sloth. We’ll get to see each other.

My friend Bill keeps track of the weather in Bolga, and I check every few days. Today it is 102˚. This is still the harmattan so the days are dry and hot, but the nights are chilly in comparison. It will get down to 70˚ tonight. This was my favorite time of year. I loved feeling cold and snuggling under my wool blanket.

I’ve been watching Terra Nova, a single season SciFi series from 2011. The plot is easy: people from a polluted Earth are transported to Earth during the age of dinosaurs. They fight the dinosaurs and other people but that’s a longer story. Anyway, I’m mentioning this because I noticed a Bolga basket on the table in one of the houses. Any time, any place is perfect for a Bolga basket.

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10 Comments on ““Mad dogs and Englishmen Go out in the midday sun…””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Well winter finally arrived here in North Texas. The temperature right now is 28° with a low tonight or 26°. Last night we had some light freezing rain which luckily missed my neighborhood and my drive to work. This frigid spell is forecast to last through Tuesday with a low on Sunday in the single digits and snow accumulating up to several inches. YUCK!:-(

    I was always interested in the weather but the forecasting tools they had when you amd I were young were primitive. I once saw a cartoon of the U.S. Weather Station filled. With gauges and maps. The weatherman had his leg up on the desk and his shoe and socks were off with his big toe throbbing indicating to him inclement weather. 🙂

    Thank Bill for his report on the weather in Boga, I’m glad that it’s warm somewhere. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I’ll let Bill know you appreciate the warmth!

      Much of the states are stuck in a block of the coldest weather. Count me among them. Tonight will 18˚. I’ll be staying inside. I pity poor Henry. His fur feels cold even when he is out for a short time.

      The weathermen from back when we were young were actual meteorologists. The had to figure out the weather and then give a prediction from a variety of sources. Their boards were paper with hand written info;

      • katry Says:

        I saw just a small bit of this on the news. The report you sent was horrible, far more than I saw on the news. Some of those cars were flattened. They are still looking for victims, and sadly, I figure they’ll find. I noticed it is on a bridge or overhang. Those areas are so much slipper than the rest of the road.

      • Bob Says:

        Thanks Kat, I remember Dave Garroway and the show which came from the NBC Showcase studio. Do you remember the chimpanzee on the show, J. Fred Muggs?

      • katry Says:

        I do remember the chimpanzee. He wore clothes and his pants had suspenders.

    • Bob Says:

      With the ice this morning came tragedy on the highway, This morning there was a 133 car wreck on I-35W in Ft. Worth. At least six people were killed.


  2. Birgit Says:

    I was grocery shopping today. By bike. While our streets are still covered with snow and ice. It was adventurous but I’m too lazy too walk and carry all the bought stuff. Isn’t it great to be a grown-up, you can do things that no reasonable parent would allow 🙂
    I’m just watching a stream by our local planetarium on YouTube. One of the advantages of this crazy pandemic.

    • katry Says:

      HI Birgit,
      My box of food got delivered today. I just had to haul it into the house. That is my favorite way to shop: no aisles, no people and no trunk to house hauling

      Mostly I am home. I have been massively bored lately and frustrated by the slowness of the remedy.

      Let’s hope we’ll get some relief.

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