Cold As Ice: Foreigner

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4 Comments on “Cold As Ice: Foreigner”

  1. hedley Says:

    I had been working construction in North Miami Beach and one night 5 of us decided to go out and have dinner. It was a very quiet mid week sort of event and we were tired so not much was being said.

    There was music in the background, and on came Foreigner, so I started to mouth off that Foreigner represented everything that was wrong with music in the 70s. I was going on and on and then one of the 5 spoke up, Babette

    Oh says she i was married to Mick Jones ! And so the evening became a ton of fun as she told tales of being with Foreigner at the Madison Square Garden and so on

    Still hate the band and especially this song

    • katry Says:

      Let’s see. You loved the Springsteen but you hate the Foreigner. I’m thinking we’re batting 500 hundred here. That’s more than fine with me!!

      That’s a funny story!

      • hedley Says:

        Absolutely true, there I was pounding on Foreigner and how much i hated them, how was I to know that Babette was married to Jones ?

        After that the evening became really fun especially as I am such a music junkie

      • katry Says:

        In an elevator no less, caught! What did she say, if anything?

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