“Time flows in a strange way on Sundays.”

Yesterday is today. Trust me here. I am not being metaphysical. I’m just talking about the weather. It is cold and cloudy, and I saw a couple of snow flurries earlier, loners I hope.

Winter is entrenched. Any 40˚ day feels tropical. Where did I put the sun screen just in case?

The last time I did any errands was over a week ago. Everything I need gets pretty much delivered now. Henry loves it. He barks and scares people. I don’t love it so much.

According to my electric company, I use more wattage than my neighbors. At first I cared, but after careful consideration, I stopped caring. Besides the den, the only other lights on at night are one in the living room and one over the sink in the kitchen. Here in the den it is a lamp, the TV and my computer. That doesn’t seem excessive. I figure I over-watt, to coin a word, because I am up until the wee hours burning electricity while the houses around me are dark and filled with sleeping people.

When I was in Ghana, Sunday meant a service at the school with hymns and a sermon. It was held in the dining hall from which the tables had been removed. When I first met the principal, she wanted to know if I had brought my bible with me. I told her I hadn’t, but I had parts of it memorized. One Sunday I was the sermon giver instead of the white father, the imam or the pastor of a local church. I still wonder why I said yes. Well, I planned my sermon and went with the unexpected. I spoke of fables. I spoke of the ant, a fire ant in this case to keep it local, and the grasshopper, my father’s favorite tale, and the tortoise and the hare. I wove amazing links between the fables and God. Heads turned. Mouths opened in awe. I swear I heard the choir of heavenly angels. The principal was so taken with my sermon she never asked me again. My guess was she thought I couldn’t top my last sermon. Little did she know there was always Henny Penny. I was ready just in case.

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10 Comments on ““Time flows in a strange way on Sundays.””

  1. Christer. Says:

    Bitterly cold here and the sun shone with its absence as we say over here. It did actually shine later on but not until late afternoon. Noww the sky is clear and that alays mean bitterly cold night, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to struggle to get the ice from the car before I go to work tomorrow.

    I would have loved that sermon, I once held one too and even if I can’t remeber much of it I’ve heard they still talk about it in my old church. I talked about not buying a lot expensive things just because one could, most of the members were millionares 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!

    Christer. :

    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      We had some light from behind the clouds but no real sun. It is a dismal dusk. The sky is very grey so maybe snow but only an inch or two. North of us could get buried. I don’t need the car until Thursday so by then any snow or ice should have melted.

      My audience was mostly the school’s student body and staff. I don’t think they set the bar too high for me. They were fine with my fables.

      Enjoy your day!

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Everything gets delivered chez moi, too. Rocky is amused and Piki Dog is enraged. And then they both stick their noses in the packages because it could be food, might be a toy.
    I’ve gotten one of those tsk tsk wattage use messages. My tv runs 24/7, things are on the chargers a lot, and almost the first thing I do every day is turn on most of the downstairs lights. I like things brightly lit and the sun only shines into the house in early morning and late afternoon. So wattage me not, municipal gas and electric company. 🙂

    The Word according to Henny Penny would have been marvelous. 😀
    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      The other day I had two boxes delivered from Imperfect Foods. One was heavy and the guy yelled for me to wait. He came back with an armful of about seven packages. Some were light as there was only a single item in some of the boxes, but he put the heavy stuff inside for me. Henry barked then he ran, my brave dog.

      I don’t really care about those letters. I want to be comfortable. I’ll turn on any lights I want!

      My mother told me Henny Penny was my favorite book when I was a kid.

      Have a great evening!

  3. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was colder than yesterday with less wind butnthe sun is shining in a clear sky.

    I must be crazy because I’m the only person who tuns off the lights after leaving the room. I’m not so much concerned about the electric bill, but I hate waste.

    Here in Texas we can choose from about 200 different electricity providers. Each one offers various rates depending how much kWh you use a month. Obviously, in the summer is when are the highest bills because of the air conditioners. Some providers offer free nights or weekends but charge more per kWh. The State of Texas has its own electric grid and the retail providers were deregulated years ago making it difficult to chose a provider but supposedly by giving the consumer more choices the rates would lower. It’s like eating at an all you can eat buffet, too many choices and confusion sets in. Unfortunately, one part of the bill never changes and that’s the local electric company’s delivery fee. That’s the company who sends the power to your house, they get a flat fee monthly.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I don’t turn off the light when I leave the room as I usually go back, and I don’t want to walk into a dark room. There are only three lights on and two of them are LED, and the TV too is on. That’s it. Not so many lights.

      It is in the 20’s today and will stay around the same cold temp tonight. Outside isn’t all that inviting. Henry is quite quick to go out and come right back inside. I don’t blame him.

      I forget which electricity I chose, but it doesn’t matter too much. The bill still stays about the same as it was before I switched. All the utilities are expensive. Heat is the worst.

      • Bob Says:

        You are just one person. When you have four people it adds up. However, with LED lights I’m probably just an old fuddy duddy about the lights. I remember my grandmother who used to say, “Turn off the light, you’re burning the electricity.”

      • katry Says:

        I have replaced the most used light bulbs with LED’s: over the sink, here in the den and on a table lamp in the living room. The rest of the house is dark.

  4. William Sandford I Says:

    Your electricity is probable generated by natural gas or oil. You are not driving anywhere, so your total consumption of fossil fuels has actually gone down in the past 12 months. So tell your electric company to stuff it.

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