“Walking through darkness with thoughts full of colors”.”

On Sunday I felt accomplished. I went to the dump though I will never go to the dump again on a Sunday at 1:44 pm. At the recycling area, both sides of the road were filled with parked cars so, having nowhere to park, I skirted the area and went to the trash bins. I found a free bin so I tossed the trash. The rest, the cardboard and such, can stay in the car until the next trip. After the dump, I shopped for cat litter and cat food. I also bought myself a Milky Way. I cleaned the litter box before I put in the new litter. It was a gross job. I rewarded myself with the Milky Way.

Now that Christmas is gone, there are no colors left to brighten my world. Last night was dark. No houses near me were lit, inside or out. The only light was a bit of a street light through the trees from a couple of streets away. The trail of white lights across my fence had been turned off by the timer. Henry wouldn’t go into the dark so I turned on the outside light for him. He is still afraid of stuff but not so much stuff.

The other day I was cleaning up some old photos. I saw my pictures of snow storms from past winters. I don’t love snow, but I think freshly fallen snow on the trees and bushes is lovely. I have lots of pictures of the snow in my yard. Of the few trees around me, the furs seem most at home with snow. Their covered branches look like flocked Christmas tree branches. A yellow or red light through the melting snow around the bulbs wouldn’t be unexpected. Scrub pine are ugly trees, but the snow makes them look their best.

Last night I asked Hey, Google how to spell Hawaii’s state bird. I wanted to know how to spell nene (easy, I know). Goggle started, ” Capital H-a-w-a-i-i, and that’s where I stopped Google. I felt silly.

A friend wrote about the pit he was growing in his kitchen which would become a palm tree. All of a sudden I remembered avocado pit plants. They were the things for a while. Just about every friend’s house I visited had a tall plant growing from an avocado pit balanced between the sides of a glass by toothpicks on each side of the pit holding it mostly out of the water in the glass. I think the plants were always on windowsills in the kitchens. I know mine was. It is strange what I forget, what I remember. Today it was the avocado pit plants.

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2 Comments on ““Walking through darkness with thoughts full of colors”.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was amazingly dry after predictions of steady rain. I’m sure tomorrow will be soggy because we will probably have to stand in line outside to get vaccinated. At least its well above freezing.

    I remember the avacado pit plant craze and I didn’t get it. Why grow something that wouldn’t produce an avacado in your lifetime? I had no luck with indoor plants when they were popular in the 1980s. I had a small one bedroom apartment and woman would come over and tell me that I needed to have some plants. Usually, on the second or third date they would bring me a plant of some sort. Within a couple of weeks it would die. Sometimes the plant lasted longer than the girlfriend and sometimes not. I was told that I either watered it too much or too little. Eventually, I switched to artificial plants which didn’t die and woman stopped bring me plants. I have a purple thumb. If it grows I will kill it in a matter of time. I pay a lawn guy to come weekly and keep everything alive.

    Tomorrow is the big day. Trump’s farewell speech was almost normal. I’m convinced he didn’t write it. He even wished the incoming administration good luck. Few Republicans are going out to Andrews Joint Base at 0800 to see him fly off into, hopefully, obscurity. They are all going to Mass with Joe Biden. They may not agree with him, but they’re not totally stupid. I’m sure that Trump will pardon all of his crooked buddies before leaving town.

    • katry Says:

      I Bob,
      No vaccinations yet for our age group here. The governor got whacked by the Boston Globe which chided him for a slowness in vaccinations. He claimed he is following the steps in order.

      I have plants downstairs mostly in the dining room and kitchen. The plants are on windowsills or are hanging. My spider plant was a house warming gift in 1977. It has divided several times, and I gave the giver some of that same plant. Hers had died. I just planted some tiny plants in empty clay pots.

      My yard too has a landscaper, and it has an irrigation system. I just write the check.

      I am watching President Biden’s speech. I hope Trump was still on the plane when the pilot announced the change in the plane’s call sign from Air Force One. It was good to see Pence at the inauguration. He understands the historical place where we are today. Oops, President Biden is not talking about the carnage in the streets.

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