“We are all a great deal luckier that we realize, we usually get what we want – or near enough.”

The sounds of the wind and the rain woke me this morning. The rain was heavily beating on the roof, but the wind was intermittent. Both started last night, but the wind was first. I ran out for my newspapers with my hood over my head. Henry balked about going out but he did twice. The second time he went out he came in the dog door to get out of the rain. Usually he waits for me to let him in. I am well trained.

Potatoes and onions are baking right now. There are small Yukon Gold potatoes, a sweet potato, two regular potatoes and two white onions. I can smell the onions, but it is a sweet smell. I have to keep an eye on the Yukon Gold.

I cleaned more yesterday. I wasn’t going to clean but guilt got me up. I finished washing and dusting all the boxes and trinkets and books. I can’t believe how shiny and bright everything looks. The wall shelves are next.

While I was watching YouTube, I got a tour of a rental. The door was shown but not opened to the basement. Here we don’t have basements. We have cellars. We even have an interesting way of using cellar in a sentence as in put it down cellar, not put it down the cellar, just cellar. I remember my mother telling us to go play down cellar. Maybe it is a New England thing.

When I was a kid, I had everything I needed. I had a bike to take me anywhere. I had roller-skates which were just fun, never a means of transport, but I loved roller skating on the parking lot near my house. I remember the tingling on my feet when I skated and how strange it felt to walk after roller skating. I got a transistor radio one Christmas, and I used to put it in my bike basket and roll with the tunes, on AM stations back then. I remember the radio bouncing in the air when I hit a bump. I always thought I was a lucky kid.

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6 Comments on ““We are all a great deal luckier that we realize, we usually get what we want – or near enough.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    It’s another version of yesterday without the strong wind gusts. Flights at the airport were delayed over an hour due to wind gusts over 50 MPH.

    Last night I had difficulty falling asleep, and today I slept in until noon. I must have needed the extra sleep. When I awoke my spouse and daughter had gone somewhere and my son is being quiet. I’m enjoying a weekend cup of coffee by myself.

    Here in Texas we don’t have basements nor cellars. All the homes are built on concrete slabs. Older homes have a crawl space underneath with a type of construction called pier and beam. Our clay soil expands and contracts so much that a basement would crack and fall in.

    My maternal grandmother called the basement in her house in Brooklyn a cellar. When I was a little kid I remember that the coal delivery truck would have a chute that would slide coal down to the cellar where the furnace was located. Shortly after, they converted their furnace to natural gas. Our heat is natural gas and the heaters are located in the atic along side the AC which is electric. We have a separate gas water heater.

    I’m bracing for what unrest will happen on Wednesday even if the Orange President goes away quietly. Yesterday, the FBI arrested female local Real Estate agent from Frisco who charted a corporate jet to fly her and her friends to Washington for the riot. She was photographed inside the Capital building during the insurrection.

    I’m amazed that a large portion of Republicans have bought into the lie that the election was stolen from Trump. Republicans have been touting the myth of voter fraud for years in an attempt to restrict voters whom they think will vote Democratic. This time, they just blew the proportion of the lie up while hoping that the courts or the mob would overturn the cleanest election in our history. Hitler was right. If you tell a lie often enough, the people will believe it. In November, 47 million voters believed Trump’s lies. And, who knows how many of them will show up armed to defend the lie during the inauguration on Wednesday.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Our wind is gone. Now it is just an almost gloomy night after a dark day. I didn’t do too much but I did order pizza for late lunch/early dinner. I haven’t had pizza for a long time.

      If I go to bed at two, I’ll wake up any time after ten, my eight hours. Lately, though, I have up quite late, even as to three and nearly 4. I slept until after eleven, close to noon.

      My soil is mostly sand with some silt and clay mixed in. The older houses like the ones my parents lived in had only a tiny area for holding anything. That’s here my parents put their freezer. The rest of the underground was mostly concrete from floor to ceiling, more a crawl space in places. My house has a full cellar.

      I can’t believe that all the contingencies have been discussed and covered. It’s scary. I’ll watch hoping for a peaceful transition once he is gone. stripped of his power, but I’m leery.

      I am appalled at the continued allegiance of his cult of many. They truly believe him, and I wonder about him. I bet he believes it too. He has a whole different reality. He has to go quietly.

  2. Birgit Says:

    Snow 🙂 Just an inch or so but finally fine white snow. It’s nearly midnight here and we just went for a night walk because the snow will be gone tomorrow.

    It’s always “down in the cellar” here. Old people still call it coal cellar because everyone had a coal cellar back then in this coal mining region. In those days snow was usually gray. I still remember bad air pollution back then, many kids were sick and smaller than average kids. It’s much better now.

    • katry Says:

      It never got cold enough last night for snow. I’m just fine with that. My guess is north got snow instead of the rain we got.

      All of the houses where I’ve lived have had cellars though one house has the tiniest of spaces. My guess is maybe cellar originally was root cellar, but root disappeared as did the women who put up fruits and vegetables to store in the root cellar. My own cellar is enormous and has never seen canned fruits or veggies..

  3. Christer. Says:

    Always down in the cellar here too.

    It’s still cold here but compared to earlier it felt like spring today 🙂 Still below 32F but it felt so nice 🙂 It’ll get warmer here again and I hope the snow will melt away totally before it gets cold again next week. If the ground freeze it will kill lots of ticks and moose fly larvae 🙂

    I never had roller skates but always wanted to have. I think may today would look at them as a kind of transportation. At least I often see people skating away along the roads here in the middle of nowhere.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      That’s interesting the difference between cellar and basement. If someone around here says basement, you know they are from somewhere else.

      The wind made it colder late in the day. Right now it is just so dark and cold. .

      We had the old four wheel skates. They didn’t work well on other than a paved area so their use was limited for just random rides. We didn’t skate on the streets. We could only use sidewalks and even my street didn’t have one. Around here the bike path is also used by skaters.

      Enjoy your day!!

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