“In the winter she curls up around a good book and dreams away the cold.”

The morning is cold and dark. As I was getting the papers, snow flurries began, but they lasted only a few minutes. My trunk is filled with trash, well mostly bags of kitty litter, but I’m still not going to the dump. I can see no reason to leave this cozy, warm house.

When I was a kid, Saturdays were my favorite days. In winter, the matinee was every Saturday afternoon. I went often. If the day was warm enough, I sometimes went ice skating. I could ice skate forward really well but not so much back. I remember how strange my feet felt when I took off the skates and walked with my shoes back on. I still have a pair of skates stored in the cellar. I’ve used them for outside Christmas decorations. They hang from a wooden sled with metal runners. I’ll not ever wear them again. For me, they might just be dangerous.

All of Christmas is gone from my house. The living room is dark, lit only by the candles which stay in the windows all year. I miss the color, the decorations, the lights of the tree and the whiffs of pine. They helped make my Christmas.

Henry never played with toys when he first became my dog. I don’t think he knew what they were. I’d throw toys down the hall so he could fetch them. He didn’t. I did. Yesterday Henry was playing with his hedgehog, the one sporting a Santa hat. He has also played with his new toy, his post Christmas Santa who sports a bathing suit and sunglasses. Right now my animals are in their usual spots for naps. Henry is on the couch beside me. Jack is upstairs on the bed where I assume Gwen is also sleeping. I think a nap might be a good idea on a day like today.

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2 Comments on ““In the winter she curls up around a good book and dreams away the cold.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was chilly but the sun shone brightly. The temperature started out just below freezing and got up to about 50°. Our Saturday road trip took us to Decatur Texas which is about 50 miles northwest of Ft. Worth. That’s where the gambling expression comes from, “Eighter from Decatur”, when a dice player is trying to shoot eight then hard way. That’s four on each dice.

    We stopped in Boyd to get some Barbecue for lunch in the car. When my wife went into the restaurant wearing a mask the person behind the counter told her that masks were not required. She left and we drove to Ft. Worth and had Barbecue at Heim Barbecue. The brisket and sausage was wonderful. One of theses days we’re going to drive the couple of hundred miles to Lockhart which is the a barbecue capital of the world.

    One thing I miss is going to a movie theater to see a film with my daughter. We now subscribe to three streaming services and can watch hundreds of movies without leaving the house. WB and Disney are going to release their latest films in both theaters and streaming at the same time. I’m not sure that the movie theaters will ever come back after the pandemic. We have a theatre room with an HD projector, a huge screen, surround sound, recliner seats, a fridge and a microwave. I enjoy it but still miss going to a movie theater.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Can you tell I am oozing jealousy at your theater room. Now I want one! I love movies and have streaming services, but I don’t have Disney. It is not available from my cable so I’d have to load it on my computer. I’ll wait so I can watch it on the bigger screen. CBS All Access started on the computer then was available on cable.

      Today stayed cold and tonight is even colder. Tomorrow will be warmer, 40˚. I’ll go to the dump tomorrow. I was waiting for a warmer day. Right now we have a snow shower.

      Your wife was so right too leave. I can’t understand how masks were not required. You’re killing me today as I love barbecue but the only barbecue restaurant close to me closed. I guess in the land of seafood barbecue brisket doesn’t make survive.

      I’m still watching MSNBC. Right now some Republicans are leaning toward impeachment, and many of them have decried what Trump did. Get him out of the White House!!!!!

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