“Llamas are cool”

This morning is one of my favorite sort of mornings. When I let Henry out for the first time, I went on the deck. It is chilly, but the sort of chill which doesn’t hang around. I can feel a warmer day coming. I can feel the sun.

My wrapping began in earnest yesterday. I finished two adults and three children and managed to clutter two more rooms. Here in the den is wrapping central. On my table are my tools: scissors, a pen, heavy string and small pieces of wrapping leftover from the bigger presents and a tube of the paper of the moment. In the living room, the couch holds the wrapped present bags. The dining room has two tubs of wrapping paper and a couple of empty boxes to be filled for mailing. I hate clutter. I’ll work quickly.

I have outside stuff needing tending. A set of white lights on the side fence died, but I was fine with that until a second set died. Now I have to replace both. My bird feeders need filling, and I haven’t yet hung the horse’s head for the spawns. That will be first as spawns are notoriously impatient.

My scrub pine is up from the cellar. It needs to be pulled and fluffed. That’s the tree usually lighting a corner in the dining room, but this year it will be my only tree and will be in the living room. It is wonderfully ugly.

Henry is to my left on the couch. He is gnawing on his new bone which arrived from Chewy this morning. It is an actual bone, and Henry gets one every new Chewy order. I can see the marrow is already gone at one end. The wooden floor below where Henry gnaws has a peculiar pattern in the wood. It almost looks like a bird’s claw trail in the sand, but the marks are indentations from the end of Henry’s bone when it falls off the couch to the floor. Henry’s bone is a heavy bone. Jack is asleep on my other side. He leans against the arm of the couch and me. It is one of his favorite spots.

My car is dump ready so maybe I’ll go out later in the afternoon, but that’s a big maybe. I just don’t feel it today.

I am watching LlamaGeddon. The introduction was wonderful, a cartoon showing not only the llama’s flight from his home planet but also pretty much the whole plot of the movie. The llama has arrived on Earth in his animal trailer with wings. He has red eyes and is bent on death and destruction. This is labeled a comedy.

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4 Comments on ““Llamas are cool””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    A Llama with wings from outer space? What have you been drinking or smoking? 🙂 This morning is cloudy and still warm but the rain showers started around nine and are continuing on and off. The cold front should arrive after one and clear up the sky and drop the temperature. We can use a good soaking rain. The long range forecast for a La Niña winter, meaning warmer and dryer, has been true for the last month and for December so far.

    Every dog we ever had loved to gnaw on bones that we bought from the pet store. Large ones, teeth cleaning ones, rawhide ones and the large dried ones that were from real animals. Our dogs always made quick work of them.

    What is your “Scrub Pine” from your cellar? Is it a preserved tree? I understand why having lights at Christmas time, as well as the lights on the Chanukah Menorah, because this is the shortest daylight of the year in the northern hemisphere. However, what’s the significance of an evergreen tree other than to support more lights. While I’m at it, what’s with the ornaments hanging from the tree? Inquiring minds want to know but are too lazy to look them up ourselves. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      The llama didn’t have wings. His spaceship aka his trailer did. I’m telling you someone actually made a movie about a killer alien llama.

      Today stayed chilly but sunny. It will be in the 40’s the next few days. I won’t complain. That’s just fine as long as there is no wind.

      I don’t buy rawhide because it can cause intestinal problems. Henry’s bone is his favorite of all, and I think he got all of the marrow out today. I also have natural chews for him. Those take a while for him to chew until nothing is left.

      It is a fake tree which is pitiful looking. Scrub pine are ugly trees all over the cape. They don’t have enough branches to cover all of the trunk. They have shallow roots and fall often. I have had two good down in my front yard.

      The evergreen tree is quite symbolic. That they stay green all winter is a reminder of the invincibility of spirit. I didn’t know why we hand ornaments so I went looking:


  2. Christer. Says:

    Sounds as a movie for me 🙂 🙂

    I just upgraded my mobile internet to more GB, I’ve been watching too many videos on the net so I realized I better upgrade than wait and have to pay extra for more GB’s later on 🙂 🙂

    I still haven’t any kind of tree, well I have that tiny plastic one I bought several years ago but this year I wanted to go a bit bigger but I still fear that Bertil will destroy it, that cat behaves more and more odd 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      You would love this horrible movie. I lasted to the end and should be rewarded as it was so bad.

      I have had a couple of cats climb my Christmas trees but not in a while. I haven’t put ornaments I want to save on low branches as the cats do swat them. I put ornaments I don’t mind them whacking on those branches.

      Enjoy your Saturday!!

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