“Birds are the eyes of heaven, and flies are the spies of hell.”

Everything was wet when I woke up. It had rained while I was sleeping, and, then this morning, the rain started again, but only for a short while.

The day is cold and dark, even bleak. It is a day for staying warm at home. I have chores to do here like finish putting presents into individual bags, maybe a half hour chore, then wrapping them, an endless chore.

My friend Peg and I spoke on the phone yesterday and laughed a lot, mostly about bugs. Bill, Peg and I lived in a duplex together on school grounds in Ghana. We used to have cockroach hunts in the outside kitchen. Peg remembered knocking on the wooden kitchen door and hearing the cockroaches scurrying at the sound before we went in armed and ready . They were big. I told Peg about one of my favorite movies, the original In-Laws. Peter Falk, a CIA agent, was at the dinner table with his son’s soon to be in-laws when he talked about the six months he spent in the bush, and the giant tsetse flies which picked children up with their beaks and took them away. The flies were called the Jose Grecos de Muerte, the flamingo dancers of death. That they had beaks was questioned. Faulk swore those flies had beaks and was sorry his slides couldn’t be processed. I’m telling you now I saw giant bugs in Ghana. I’m not sure about the beaks.

Peg and I laughed again about the flour. We had to buy giant bags of it which we stored in the kitchen we didn’t use because of no gas for the stove. The bags enticed what I think were weevils because we could see them in the flour, but that was no big deal. We just sifted the flour to catch the larger bugs. The smaller ones got baked into whatever we were making and were rendered harmless.

Peg and I couldn’t think of a bug which scares us either there or here. The centipede was impressive, and I did let it have his way, assuming it was male for no reason.

I am not a lover of flies. I know they do have a couple of redeemable factors, but I don’t care. Chase that fly. Either whack it with a magazine or swat it with an old fashion swatter. Jack eats flies thereby earning his keep.

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  1. hedley Says:

    Many many years ago, when I was a much less older MDH, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band made their first appearances in Europe at the Hammersmith Odeon on November 18th and 24th 1975. I went to both shows, the second show being the only show that I have ever attended on my own.

    At only the second show, there was a large poster available for about $2, which I bought and took back to my 1961 Triumph Herald that was parked under the Hammersmith flyover. Went back inside and saw a gangbuster concert that concluded with Bruce still playing with the houselights up

    The show poster survived emigration 5 years later to the USA and, hangs in my study to this day

    Now the music. The first Hammersmith concert has been available as a CD and DVD for years but no sign of the 2nd show, except as a rather poor bootleg known as “Shit Hot and Rocking” – but that all changed on Friday. Bruce announced its issue as part of the live program and after all these years I can wander back to the Odeon. I am super duper thrilled to hear it again. This will be the 4 concert recording from Springsteen where I was there,.

    Meanwhile that Jacquie Lawson babe is giving me hours of entertainment. The advent calendar this year has me spending endless hours looking for sheep, marveling at a real clock in the scene and the changes that take place each day. It is so clearly based on Castle Combe which also amuses me a great deal

    Our Grand daughter has arrived and is settling very well . After the car ride from Denver she did file an “objection” when I wanted to hold her , but last night that was mitigated when she rested her head on my shoulder. She is 6 months old and totally in command.

    Remember Kat, this Sunday is the third Sunday in Advent and that means only one thing for us KTCC traditionalists

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I already had a reminder in my head for this Sunday. I would never miss a KTCC tradition, especially for Christmas. It will also enter us into Christmas music from KTCC season. I love browsing through my music and picking the songs.

      Your granddaughter has already learned how to train you. It is a talent shared by most babies. It’s is a good think she is settling so well.

      I do love your concert stories though I drip envy (assuming you drip envy). This is particularly a wonderful story. I’m glad for the new issues of that concert. Music brings us places so very quickly. Enjoy yours!!

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Another beautiful day with high temperatures in the upper 60s. Tomorrow should be more of the same with a high temperature predicted to be 75° in December. Our normal high temperature is about 59°. 🙂

    I’m not a fan of bugs even though I realize that they are a part of the ecosystem and provide food for the birds. They just give me the creeps.

    Today, the Attorney General of Texas, Ken Patrick, has filed suit with the Supreme Court to ask them to nullify the election. Patrick makes me laugh because he is under a criminal indictment for money laundering. However, he still remains as the top law enforcement officer in the state. The Republican looney tunes are just keeping the lie alive that the election was rigged and that Trump won. 🙁

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Today was down right cold. I stayed home and was glad I did. Tomorrow, though, I have stuff to do. I haven’t yet decorated the house but I have to wrap first.

      Trump lost another one today. The Supreme Court refused to hear it. There were no names listed below the decree which meant it was unanimous. Trump must have seethed. Good luck to your AG. He’ll be joining the long, long list of losers in court for Trump.

      So many bugs are beneficial I don’t mind them.

  3. Christer. Says:

    It kept on raining all day, mostly agentle rain but some times showers too. Albin happened to be outside when one of those showers passed by and he was not happy about it 🙂 He ran to the radiator in the kitchen and stayed there until he was dry and warm again 🙂

    I’m slowly getting back to normal thankfully, I have even started to feel a bit hungry now 🙂

    You know about my hate for flies but most other insects are ok. I must admit that I always have disliked big beetles but as long as they don’t land on me thay are allowed to excist 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Albin is a smart dog. He is into creature comforts!! Henry is not a fan of rain, but he will go out with some encouragement, but it is usually a quick trip.

      Being hungry is a good sign, but go slowly!

      It is no wonder you hate flies. They attack you on your walks and are around most of the year. I only have to contend with flies when it is warm. and that’s long enough, but mine don’t attack!

      It is either going to rain or we’;l have snow flurries. It is that cold.

      Keep feeling better!!

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