“My first memory is of light — the brightness of light — light all around.”

The predicted winds arrived last night around six. They whooshed for a while. It started to rain again. The air felt warm at 48˚. But it’s getting colder now in the darkness, down to the 30’s. Henry doesn’t stay out long. I do have a jacket I bought for him last year, but I’m thinking he won’t allow me to put it on him. The jacket is blue, and it would stave off the cold and look good at the same time. Ah well!

As soon as I walked out the door this morning, I knew it was cold and it was cloudy, but the sun has since appeared with a winter sharpness. I asked and found out it is only 36˚ but the day will get as high as 44˚. That I think 44˚ is a high means my head is in winter mode.

Today is elf day when I am finalizing the Christmas count. Everything is so slow a few packages haven’t yet come. The one my sister sent the day after Thanksgiving priority mail from outside of Boston arrived yesterday. My mailman was delivering to me when another delivery car went by him. I asked about it, and my mailman said there were so many packages they had to have carriers just delivering packages, no mail, but my guy did deliver a couple of small packages to me.

When I was a kid, the mailman delivered twice a day during the Christmas season. We’d hurry to the door to be the first to grab the mail. There were always several envelopes, Christmas cards. We hoped for a card, and sometimes we got cards from our aunts. I remember a paper Santa Claus with a wreath empty in the middle for hanging on a branch. We put it on the tree, mostly to hide an empty spot. My mother would let us take turns opening family cards. I remember strings of cards above the couch and across the living room doorway. I still like to send cards. I have some amazing cards this year. I bought my Edward Gorey, a collection of Christmas cards, and there is a set with a pig walking upright who is dressed to the nines for Christmas. It is an amusing card. I have cards from the fifties which are wonderful surprises. I buy family cards. I wrote all the cards out last night, ready for mailing tomorrow after I buy stamps.

I’m thinking I need a ride to see the lights. Some neighborhoods are known for their lights. When I was a kid, it was a Saugus neighborhood, not so far away. I knew the route well. It was the same way we always got on and off Route 1. The houses were spectacular on street after street. I think we all had huge grins the whole time we looked out the windows. The lines of cars on both sides of the street went slowly. We went through twice so we each saw all the houses both sides of the street up-close.

My fence is lit with colored lights in the front. The side has a giant white star with a trail of white lights. The ornament tree will be lit from the new spot light I bought. I’ll put it out tomorrow. I also need to bring the cow up. I fell in love with him last Christmas. My yard will be bright in the darkness.

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6 Comments on ““My first memory is of light — the brightness of light — light all around.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I remember that Saugus neighborhood. My family did that tour every year. There used to be bus tours through that neighborhood. It stopped during the energy crisis and didn’t really pick up for quite some time. I used to take my mother through later on but it was never as huge. For the last many years there have been two houses near the end of the Fellsway close to the Kelly’s on Rt 1 which are decorated to the nines for practically every holiday in the calendar. I think one of the owners does it as a business.

    You remind me that I have to decide on my Christmas cards soon. As in today, I guess, if I want them in time.

    As for Henry’s jacket, try just putting it over his back and rewarding with treats for allowing that much. Then increase the time it stays there. Gradually fasten it and unfasten it. Increase the torture, um, I mean training, incrementally.
    Piki Dog hates his jackets. And his collar and his harness. He hates everything; I should have named him Mikey. 😀

    Rain, snow, wind, cold, warmer, more rain, some sun. The snow is off the pavements but still some on my car. The lawns are covered in white.
    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      Thanks for the Henry advice for getting him not to hate his jacket. He has eaten through two halters, and I have one more I haven’t used on him. Serendipitously the halters I bought were guaranteed for life so I got replacements for the chewed ones. I just dared to put his rabie tab and his name and phone number one on his collar. He doesn’t mind.

      We also checked out that neighborhood much later. We were disappointed as our memories were so vivid. We still do light rides.

      It was cold all day and is colder now. We had no snow at all. I stayed in all day.

      Have a great day!

      • Caryn Says:

        There’s a thing called a FreezeTag pet tag holder. It cleverly folds around the tags and the D ring on the dog collar and it screws down. The tags don’t move around or jingle anymore and the information on them doesn’t get eroded away by the constant rubbing. You can get them from Chewy or Amazon. I put them on both my dogs and highly recommend them. I never realized how the constant jangling of tags had been an irritating undertone to my daily life until it was gone. Now there is only the barking and the thunder of 8 tiny paws racing from the couch to the front door to the kitchen and back. I can deal with that. 😀

      • katry Says:

        Thanks on this,. I do have one extra of his name and phone number tag. He lost the first one so I ordered another then I found the first. That always happens.

        I have written it down so I can mosey on over to Amazon. Sorry for the delay in answering. I’m finding out WordPress decided to stop notifying me of comments.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was another gorgeous sunny day with a high in the upper 60° range. Today we traveled to the town of Waxahachie which is the county seat of Ellis county. The historical downtown surrounds the beautiful courthouse, as in most Texas towns, and the buildings were decorated for Christmas. Waxahachie is famous as the “Gingerbread City” because of the many Victorian style homes still standing. Waxahachie in Native American means “Buffalo Creek”. When I was a kid we thought it meant, “Buffalo Shit”. 🙂 Prepubescent boy humor, I guess.

    I remember when the mail came twice daily. Unfortunately, Trump’s Postmaster General hates the postal service because too many Democrats voted using mail in ballots. Before the election he was closing post offices like he was a CEO of a bankrupt Department Store. He’s as batshit crazy as Rudy Giuliani and the TV pitchman and founder, the Pillow King nut case. He said yesterday in Georgia that the election officials in Georgia should be jailed for giving the election to Biden. All of them are Republicans. I wouldn’t buy anything from that idiot even if it was a good product.

    The last crazy idea is that Trump is thinking of leaving the White House on the morning of January 20th without meeting Biden. Then, fly off from the lawn in Marine One helicopter and Air Force One to Glorida and hold a rally at the same time as the inauguration and announce his 2024 campaign for President. 🙁

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