“We live in a strange bubble.”

Today is cloudy and rain is predicted for later. It is warmer than I thought. When I went out with Henry, I could smell a wood fire so I stayed outside for a while. Henry impatiently waited. He didn’t appreciate the moment.

Yesterday I rode around for a while and made a couple of stops for the last of the Christmas presents. I bought books for all the grands, a tradition I started when their parents were young. Most are Christmas books but for the older two I got novels. One is Treasure Island. I wanted Little Men as Lexy had read Little Woman, but they only had an abridged version. I mean seriously who would think to abridge Little Men? I forget the name of the other one as it was recommended by one of the ladies at the store. I also stopped to buy chocolate to put into the Christmas bags.

My timetable tells me I need to finish putting the gifts into the individual bags. Starting tomorrow I wrap. My den then becomes Christmas central with bags and boxes all over the room waiting to be wrapped. My Christmas cards are also on the to-do list. I found some great cards this year including my traditional Edward Gorey’s.

In my long conversation with a friend yesterday, we talked about everything, including Mike. She wanted to know if I was spending time with the people in my bubble. She was shocked to find I have had no bubble all these months unless you count Henry and the two cats. I told her I talk to Henry all the time, but he doesn’t always listen. He stands there and looks dog bored. The cats are always bored. It is in their nature.

I actually did my wash yesterday, but the big load is still in the dryer. I chuckled when I realized that my laundry was mostly teeshirts, sweatshirts and flannel pants, the pieces of my usual daily ensemble. I do have a set of going out clothes, almost like my school clothes of old. I put them on, go out and then take them off when I get home. The only exception is when I go to the dump. It only rates my daily ensemble.

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6 Comments on ““We live in a strange bubble.””

  1. Christer. Says:

    It started to snow here yesterday evening and it continued all night but it also melted away some since it wasn’t especially cold. Still we had rather a lot left when I came home after work. I guess it’ll all be gone by tomorrow noon because it will get warmer again.

    Thankfully no presents to send away but it did remind me that I have forgotten to make christmas cards. I’ll have to buy this year and send them soon so they’ll arrive to at least around christmas some time 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I’ll have to send yours too so it gets there in time for Christmas. I think maybe even tonight I’ll do the cards.

      I have so many boxes to pack and send to Florida, Colorado, New Hampshire and Stoneham, where I grew up, the only sort of local box.

      I can’t believe how behind I am.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today the sun is shining and it’s almost 60° for a beautiful fall day. All the trees are starting to turn colors and it feels like autumn even though it’s meteorological winter.

    Using the term bubble is interesting. Our immediate family, spouse, myself and two adult children could be considered our bubble. However I was going into the office the last couple of weeks and those people would be considered outside of my bubble. However, I wore my mask when not at my desk or eating to keep me safe from those outsiders. I would consider that if you are not with your immediate family you should be wearing a mask over your nose and mouth both inside and outside. I guess that would mean outside your bubble.

    Hopefully, the vaccine will be distributed soon and the world will be able to get back to normal. Unfortunately, there are a ton of anti-vacine folks who won’t take anything including getting their kids vaccinated. Those nuts belong with the flat earth nuts and the Constitution allows me the freedom to be a infect everyone nuts. That also includes the 74 million nuts who voted for Trump. 🙁

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Our trees turned color a month or so back. I’m a bit envious you now have yours. The temperature stayed the same all day. It is getting colder now that it’s dark.

      The term bubble is a term I heard on TV. It probably started with the boy in the bubble. I wear my mask the whole time I’m outside the house, but I haven’t seen friends or even family. It’s been a bit lonely.

      I also hope the vaccine will come quickly. I’ll be right in line.

      Something has to be done when people refuse to take it. That keeps them and theirs in the Covid loop.

  3. lilydark Says:

    A common friend we know, Kari, of the Earthangels always say that we put each other in our bubble of love and caring, especially during hard times. I want you to know you are in my bubble of care and love, during these hard times. I speak to Cookie all the time, and well, you know cats. I’ll write more later.

    Much Love,
    Lori and Cookie

  4. Birgit Says:

    Dear part of my internet and folk music bubble:
    This NPR Mountain Stage podcast looks like a nice holiday music mix you may like too:
    Joan Baez, Bruce Cockburn, Odetta And More On Mountain Stage’s Holiday Special
    Sincerely, your KTCC bubble 🙂

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