Giving Tuesday

A bit of a tweak from Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, “This is the worst of times,” is real and frightening. The lines for boxes of food are endless. Hospitals are again running out of beds, and every new day brings a higher count of the infected and of those who have passed. If we can, we need to help.

Around this time of year, my father always told us that he was grateful for the Salvation Army, and for all they did for him when he was in the service during World War II. My sisters and I never passed a kettle without putting money through the slot. This year there are no kettles so I’ll give on-line. Money is needed now more than any other time.

Please donate somewhere.

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2 Comments on “Giving Tuesday”

  1. hedley Says:

    Catholic Community Response Team

    On this day I shall tell the tale of Mrs MDH. 15 years ago Father Jerry Brzezinski and Mrs MDH decided to form CCRT as a group of volunteers, trying to help our friends and neighbors in Pontiac MI where the challenges are at times overwhelming. Funded by individuals, the vicariate churches and my beloved St John Fisher Chapel the organization has grown to over 100 unpaid loving individuals and has helped at least 50% of the entire population in Pontiac. Utilities, evictions, identification cards, food, clothing furniture. You name it they do it

    This all sits under the very able command of Mrs MDH. It is extraordinary what she has done and continues to do. If you want to read about it, just check Catholic Community Response Team CCRT on Facebook.

    Father Jerry retired, the Archdiocese of Detroit deliberately destroyed the progressive Catholic Community at John Fisher but the mission continues. Every wonder what a 12 year old looks like when he has a bed for the first time ?

    I salute and love Mrs MDH and her wonderful committed team. They be something really special

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I also salute Mrs. MDH and her wonderful committed team. To have continued such giving for 15 years is a blessing not just to the people of Pontiac but also to the givers, to the people who open their hearts. It is one of the miracles for Christmas.

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