“Loud roared the dreadful thunder, The rain a deluge showers.”

Yesterday’s dark, dreary day is still here, but it is even getting darker. Overnight it rained, a quiet rain. Everything is still wet. My papers were on the steps, but I needed to go across the street to my mailbox then I had to rehang some of the ornaments on the outside tree. Meanwhile, my coffee was perking.

Today is warm. Tonight will go down to the 30’s. Right now, we are under a tornadic thunderstorm warning. I have seen lightning and heard the thunder. It will rain and off all day. I got an emergency communication about the tornados and also advice as to where to go in the house to be at the safest. The chief warned of downed wires because of the heavy wind and rain.

Last night I thought I’d order delivery. I read through three or four menus but nothing appealed to me. I did love one sandwich suggestion, one for a BLT. The description read a bacon, tomato and lettuce sandwich, a BTL.

Henry needs food, and the cats need treats. I need bread and light cream. I’m going out later.

When I was kid, every day made memories. My walk to school was the same route for eight years, but it wasn’t the same walk. Some days it was raining, even pouring, but I had to walk anyway. I loved the walk when it was snowing. I’d stick my tongue out to catch the snowflakes and throw snowballs at my friend who’d squeal and run. Her back was my next target. In the fall, leaves were great fun. I’d walk along the street next to the curb so I could kick up leaves. I’d get to school with bits of leaves on my skirt, my socks and my shoes. Spring time walking to school was amazing, my favorite of all the seasons. I got to watch the leaves bud and grow on the trees lining the sidewalk. The tree trunks were tall and thick, and the top branches were wide and long. Every morning felt a bit warmer, and I got to shed some layers. It didn’t take long for the leaves to grow and shade the sidewalk. By May, my walk passed green lawns, trees heavy with leaves and gardens filled with early flowers. That spring walk took me the longest to get to school. I kept stopping to take in the morning.

It has started to rain heavily enough that I heard it hitting the back door. This is the sort of rain which makes me wish I had a metal roof.

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4 Comments on ““Loud roared the dreadful thunder, The rain a deluge showers.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Enjoy the rain we need it badly. I think every location in the lower 48 states is susceptible to tornadoes when there is a high threat of thunderstorms. I would think your basement would be the safest place in the house. We would have to get into the closet under the stairs since we have no basements room without windows. I lived through one EF 3 tornado while living on the second floor and that was enough to scare me to death. It missed our condo by about 800 ft. last October.

    When I was a teenager living in the borough of Queens NY, we walked everywhere and made numerous walking journeys. They started out on the subway and ended up with my cousin and I walking all over the city of New York. We walked all over Manhattan from the Battery to the Bronx. From the East side to the west side, all around the town. We usually were exhausted by the late afternoon and rode the train back home.

    These days I’m suffering from my many years of smoking which has reduced my stamina which has reduced my ability to walk long distances in a short time period. When you’re young you think that you’re immortal. What stop smoking because of a warning label? What a dumb idea? What does the Surgeon General know? I wish I had listened to the experts back then. I stopped smoking over 27 years ago, but the damage to my lungs has been done. Sadly, people today don’t listen the experts.

    Today is a more normal day for the end of November with cloudy skies and a high temperature in the 60° range. Our average first freeze is on November 22nd. Therefore, we’re late for a freeze.

    Yesterday, was the 53 anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. I looked at the Dallas Morning News website and it was the first year without mentioning the event. I assume the date will eventually be forgotten as is the date that President Garfield was shot. Does anyone even Remember Garfield?

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      This is the first time I have ever had a tornadic thunderstorm warning or, actually, any tornado warning. It did pour, and it kept raining while I did my errands. It was so dark the timer on one set of my outside lights clicked on. The sunset was spectacular and turned everything rosy.

      I would have done the same in exploring the city. My town wasn’t tiny but wasn’t huge either. I knew every part of it. As for Boston, I took the bus then the subway many Saturdays and wandered with my friends.

      I also smoked, but I can’t walk far due to back injury. I used to walk 8 miles a day. I quite smoking close to 20 years ago, and I know it has also affected my breathing.

      It is still raining on and off. I got wet going to get my mail across the street. The evening is really dark. I’, glad for my Christmas lights.

      I expect ours and a generation behind us will remember. We were glued to the TV and saw Jack Ruby shoot Lee Oswald. I can still see it in my mind’s eye, especially Oswald’s reaction. I won’t ever forget that.

      • Bob Says:

        My father knew Jack Ruby and my dad disputed any idea that he was part of a conspiracy of any kind. He told me that in those days the Jewish community in Dallas was much smaller. If you wanted to spread a rumor around the community, the best place to start was to tell Jack and tell him it’s a secret. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        So your dad figured that Ruby worked alone. There was so much speculation at the time, and the general consensus was he could never have worked along.

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