The Spider and the Fly: Rolling Stones

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6 Comments on “The Spider and the Fly: Rolling Stones”

  1. hedley Says:

    Nothing inflamed my Father like the appearance of the Rolling Stones. A stream of assumptions would flow usually based on taking drugs, been in prison and the always popular long haired louts.

    In 1965, I was coming up 11 and took in his analysis with a small amount of skepticism given that even then I knew that his opinion was heavily laced by alcohol.

    Music shows were running rampant on the two TV stations, the BBC and the ITV. had recognized that the younger audience could not be satiated in their demand for music. I would wait anxiously for “Ready Steady Go” on a Friday night on ITV. To make it even better we no longer had to wait for the very stodgy Radio Luxembourg to launch every evening. Our days were filed with rock music from Radio Caroline and Radio London bobbing around out there in the north sea.

    There were many “safe” alternatives in those early days in 1965 including of course The Beatles. The Stones were the act of pure rebellion especially when the rumors surfaced of Mick and Marianne Faithful and the ubiquitous Mars Bar. Frankly I did not have a clue (probably still dont) but it sounded incredibly naughty.

    Loved the Stones through Exile on Main Street and still occasionally pick something up from a nostalgia point of view. The recent reissue of a double disc version of “Goats Head Soup” hit the mailbox last week. Who could turn away a disc where a track is identified as “Star Star” when it is, in fact “Starfucker”

    So to my long departed Father, Hey – you called Mick Jagger a git ? I’m gonna go play “Goats Head Soup” you moron

    • katry Says:

      I love this comment.

      My father also made random comments about stuff he knew nothing about, but they were mostly benign. Bob Dylan was one target of his. I remember the only contemporary song he liked was Up, Up and Away. He controlled the radio in the car; it played just old AM talk radio.

      I don’t remember when I stopped knowing the Stones’ latest.

      • Hedley Says:

        Of course right after I wrote this, the book “Ready Steady Go” by Andy Neill showed up after weeks of non performance by Barnes and Noble (I had a gift certificate). So it is lollygagging on my table waiting for me to click my way through it. The show literally changed the face of music

        I think my Father’s comments were also fueled by our pure pleasure in new music and the rapidly changing social structure as well as the fact he was loaded

      • katry Says:

        I have a wonderful pair of scissors from Germany. The pains not cheap. A few weeks ago I lost my scissors. The only place they could have gone was in the trash bag already at the dump. I bought another pair. I found the old pair where it had fallen off the table. I should have waited.

  2. Rowen Says:

    Longtime favorite of mine, and they sound so good here, especially Jagger’s harp. I like that the lady is now 50.

    • katry Says:

      This is a song I hadn’t heard in so long I forgot about it. It is also a favorite of mine. The Stones in this video are my favorites.

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