“It’s wisest always to be so clad that our friends need not ask us for our names.”

Last night the wind came first. I watched from the back door. It was so wild the leaves were falling like rain from the trees in the backyard and the huge tree near the side of the house. Its curled, yellow leaves fell on the roof. When I surveyed my estate this morning, I saw my driveway is covered in red and yellow leaves. The deck has disappeared under a blanket of dead, brown leaves. My lawn is a combination of leaves and pine needles and very little grass.

After the wind came the rain. The drops were loud and heavy. I remembered I had left my car windows cracked a bit, but I wasn’t about to race outside in the dark and into the rain to shut the windows. The seats will dry.

My bird feeders are just about empty, but I bought sunflower seeds so I’ll fill them later, and I’m going to add a feeder I found hanging under the deck. I might also do a wash of the animals’ afghans and my bedspread, but my track record with laundry is rather dismal.

When I was a kid, the first thing I did when I got home from school was change and go out to play, but once the cold weather set in, I didn’t go out. I played in the cellar, watched TV and read. I did my homework before dinner as I always did. Every night after dinner, I watched TV until bedtime.

Growing up, I was never really into fashion. I wore a uniform to school so I didn’t have a huge closet of clothes, but in my mind it was a glut of clothes. I had blue jeans as we used to call them, casual girly shirts, some sweaters, a sweatshirt or two, not hoodies, a pair of play shoes and a couple of Sunday dresses.

In Ghana I had to wear a dress every day everywhere. I did have a pair of Bermuda shorts which I wore around the house during the three digit heat of the dry season, but I would never have worn them in public. I have never been as dressy as I was those two years.

Right now I am in my uniform of the day, of most days. My red sweatshirt is from a Red Sox World Series championship. My flannel pants are a blue and black plaid. That makes me sound fashionable, but trust me on this, I am not. Each of my clod slippers has a hole right at the big toe, but they are so comfortable I hate to toss them. I wear them outside. Seriously, who would peek at my toes in Agway or Ring or the dump?

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4 Comments on ““It’s wisest always to be so clad that our friends need not ask us for our names.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    The beautiful thing about uniforms is that it takes all the thinking out of clothing decisions. Today I started working from home so I wore a non uniform shirt. I just kept it on and went into work. Today i’m Not teaching, therefore I’m clothed in appropriate business casual attire.

    The most useless piece of men’s clothing is the tie. Why we still persist in wearing this useless piece of cloth around our necks amazes me. I worked hard getting our instructors out of coats and ties years ago. Only our British instructors wanted to wear ties. They said something about wanting to look “Spiffy”, Whatever that means. As a matter of fact the only time our regulatory people meet with the British officials we wear ties. When we meet with the other European Aviation officials we don’t.

    As of this afternoon the idiot living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. has not yet conceded the election. He’s like a two year old toddler. 🙁
    He’s already thrown a temper tantrum and tweets more fiction than Steven King ever wrote. His legal mentor was a New York attorney named Roy Cohn. No relationship to me. Cohn was Senator McCarthy’s legal counsel during the red scare in the early 1950s. He taught Trump that if someone hits you, then you hit them back twice as hard. Cohn has since passed away but Trump learned his lessons well.

    Why would you wear your house shoes outside? In the yard maybe, but not anywhere else.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      First the shoes: I wear my slippers outside because they are wool clogs, not as sturdy as the shoe clogs I have but pretty close, not as expensive but pretty close. They come from L.L. Bean.

      Women have, for centuries, been stuck with uncomfortable clothing including such things as the corset, the girdle, push up bras and the newest, high heels so high off the ground you’d think the wearer would get nose bleeds. All you have is a tie to complain about!

      I’ve always thought Stephen Miller looks a bit like Roy Cohn. They both have that strange, other world look and both are extreme. Miller is cruel.

      • Bob Says:

        I agree with you about woman’s clothing being uncomfortable especially high fashion shoes. I remember that my mother couldn’t take off her girdle as soon as she walked into the house after coming from a dressed up affair. However, ties are completely useless.

        We will only have to put up with Trump’s band of crooks and weirdos until January 20th.

      • katry Says:

        I always thought girdles were useless except they held my stockings. Don’t forget women wear constricting undergarments every day, all day!!

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